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Without a doubt, "intersectionality" -- it's oppressively imposed in virtually all feminist spaces, and it's cultish, alienating, and fundamentally hostile to any constructive discussion. Women should be able to assert their own interests clearly and simply, without bowing and scraping to other random fringe groups. It is patently absurd, for example, that police shootings of males are considered by mainstream feminists to be a mandatory feminist issue.

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Whoever came up with that intersectionality is a dumb fuck. A female cockroach could be killed and they'd claim it's a feminist issue. A boy getting bullied? Feminist issue! A dirty pool? Slap that feminist issue.

What a fucking joke. It's pickme behaviour at this point.

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Along with "intersectionality", there seems to be a view among young women that we're basically "done" with women's rights and so now we need to move on to rights for other groups. It is very narrow minded (most of the world is outright miserable for women, just because you don't live in those places doesn't mean we're now at parity) and also forgets that any accomplishment can be quickly unraveled if we get complacent.

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Women aren't even conscious of their own internalized misogyny. When a man makes a mistake, it was just a mistake. When a woman makes a mistake, she's the mistake.

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any accomplishment can be quickly unraveled if we get complacent

Yeah I feel like this needs a lot more emphasis.