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We have no idea how long you're going to continue to make spike proteins, so there's that. But we also know that there was a huge variance in the potency of the doses that were administered, so with luck you got less mNRA than you were supposed to. But there's no way of knowing. And there's no treatment yet to remove it. So exercise of any type is going to be a crapshoot. Do you feel lucky, punk?

The good news is that if you do have an adverse reaction chances are it will be serious and you'll be dead or senseless before you hit the floor. All of your troubles will then be behind you, and only your loved ones will be left to pick up the pieces. Assuming there are any still alive.

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did all the vaccines have mRNA? even the early ones?

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LOL the 'early ones' are all still in use. They are all based on mRNA technology.

There was at least one company working on a vaccine using traditional methods but I haven't heard any news from them for awhile. But researchers have been trying to make a vaccine for the common cold -- coronavirus accounts for 30% of all colds -- for decades with no success so there was never much hope.

There's anecdotal evidence that a supplement called NAC removes or limits the spike protein. As well an enzyme called Nattokinase which is in a Japanese fermented product called Natto.

NAC is a great supplement for all sorts of reasons so it couldn't hurt to start taking it. An Aussie Dr. has some videos on it on YouTube.

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LOL the 'early ones' are all still in use. They are all based on mRNA technology.

I guess I was just being hopeful since I had not gotten literally as many shots as possible. Thanks.

And thank you a lot for the info about NAC and Natto.

I guess the spike protein stays around a while even after the injection. Or maybe it's just that it's done damage. Well I will have to look into it more.

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I hate to break it to you but your body is now manufacturing spike proteins. No one knows how long this will continue. This wasn't supposed to happen, of course. Just like the vaccine was supposed to stay local to the injection site. But of course it instead spreads through the body, causing inflammation where there are more ACE2 receptors like the heart and lungs. They lied. They fucking lied.

Information is your best defense. Do your research and drawn your own conclusions. All the best.

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Thank you! this looks helpful.

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thank you again for coming back to post this.

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Yeah, don't work out too hard. If you do have at least two doses of this stuff in your system, go easy on your body. No jogging, no sports, no aerobics.

Walking, light stretching, that is it. If you have to climb more than one or two flights of stairs, maybe consider taking the elevator.

There is not a lot of data out there to help people, because the medical establishment does not want to admit that anything is wrong. But based on what we can see here and in the news, intense physical activity can be dangerous for the vaccinated. Don't risk it.

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does that seem to be true for all of the vaccines? or just some of them, the more recent ones?

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It seems like all the Covid shots have risks, though I am hearing about this more often as more people get the booster shots. I would avoid the booster shots. If you already have two shots of whatever in your system, just go easy on your body. If you have any boosters in your system, go really, really easy on your body, and don't take any more of these things. This was a massively cruel, greedy medical experiment.

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Thank you.

Yeah I guess I was hoping since I hadn't gotten the more recent boosters the problem was mostly with them.