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right on. i'll pin this sub from over at /s/edc.

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I don't get EDC. Is it a fetish? Are you police? Why do you care what people carry? I'm not trying to be negative. I just don't get it.

Maybe explain what you get out of it.

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I believe your looking to much into the "carry". it's just showing off what you carry in your pockets or to work every day and somewhat shows the type a person is, with what they have on them at all times (although yes some choose to carry every day).

so things like

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But why?

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Well for me its a hobby like any other. I really enjoy pocket knives and always alternate depending on what im wearing like a woman chooses her jewelry. Then the aesthetic of color matching or theme, see what others choose for their every day carry, finding the new hotness of gear or mocking the new edc trend like fidget spinners.

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I like clever multitools and gadgets too. I don't see the appeal of a sub for it, though perhaps in time SaidIt will fill up with everything.

I have a Leatherman Juice and a carabiner with light and bottle opener. I've had them for well over a dozen years and used them most at Burning Man.

I had a couple Leatherman Waves before that. Lost one. One stolen. I like the newer Leatherman Skeletool.

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Nice! I'm a big fan of high-power rechargeable lights. A few years back I was hell-bent to find the perfect light for myself, bought 8 different ones, kept one, and gave the other seven as Christmas gifts.

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Good idea. That could apply to all sorts of things.

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Can you please explain more what /s/Flashlights is about and how it works?

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I guess I'll have to start /s/Fleshlights.