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But muh fuel efficiency and the climate change!!! (Meanwhile there's NO shortage of alt energy options that have been suppressed!)

Same shit different pile.

Next they're going to say that exercising is bad and a huge waste of food/energy.

Great video by the way. A+++

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We have to get the word out about the planned food shortages.

Buy rice, died beans, and stable meat.

Winter 2020 will be long and difficult.

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I also recommend getting an instapot type thing for the beans and lentils.

I got mine at a car boot sale for £25. They are one of those things a lot of people get as presents and never bother using.

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Good call. Those are indispensable.

I put in an order for an American back in June.

It should be here in Sept.


I'm guessing it will actually get here mid October after the harvest, and during the second lockdown.

Just a hunch.

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I own one and it's used several times a week. There's a tiny learning curve, but the instruction manual helps with timing. You can steam whole potatoes in herbed chicken broth to start up mashed potatoes. You can dump even frozen chicken in along with carrots with bouillon, seasoning and herbs, add cornstarch and you're set. It's not beautiful, but tastes great and can be easily paired with rice. Roast is also a breeze, because you can sear the meat in there beforehand and add rosemary and beef stock. I probably sound like a cult member promoting it, but it's so much safer than a standard pressure cooker and offers a lot of versatility.

I frequent a local Asian market here. It's cleaner than any chain store, they offer gloves to each person going in and have staff constantly cleaning. Dried bulk goods like mung beans, adzuki beans, split peas, various rice, and noodle products are there along with extremely inexpensive produce that can be cut up and frozen.

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With all of the restaurants that'll be closed by that point, that should help a little.

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Recycling food, is that the Chinese phrase for left-overs?

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Or is it what my dog does?

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Global Food shortage this winter.

Food recycling is coming to America this winter. :-(