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We're having a roast, but not sure what else. I won't be cooking.

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I want a roast.

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We have plenty, I had a shoulder roast I have going in the slow cooker, mom is doing one in the oven tomorrow. Oh well, just bought it because it was on sale.

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Life pro tip if roasting a turkey.

Use this!

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Mmmm, plastic

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I thought Thanksgiving might get canceled this year. But my wife's parents are planning to have lunch at their house. My wife plans to cook some of the food today at our house to bring over there tomorrow: chicken dressing, green bean casserole, and pumpkin apple bread pudding. Other family also plan to be there. It's a short drive for us, in the same town.

Who do you plan to enjoy all this food with? I have never made key lime pie, but I know the stores sell them pre-made.

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When you say “chicken dressing” it makes me think your wife knows her way around the kitchen. Sounds delicious. And pumpkin apple bread pudding sounds good, I have not had that before.

I take all the food over to my moms. I love cooking and they are lazy.

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Yes, she is getting to be a good cook and has a part-time job as a cook, but I would like for her to choose healthier ingredients.

I hope you have good fellowship with your family at your mom's. I won't tell them what your username is here at Saidit. If you ever choose a new name here, let us know. u/Musky has changed his name a few times this year and we still know it's him. Here are some new username suggestions for you:

HonorYourMom BlessYourMom ThankYourMom ILikeToCook SweetPotatoPie

LOL... You surely could come up with a good new name.