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What a jerk. Of course the Talmud makes such behavior as the Holodomor possible. And now he lies about Russia.

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Classic Jewish Behaviour

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There is Jewish religion (Judaism), Jewish ethnicity (mostly culture), and Jewish race. I am racially Jewish, mildly dislike Jewish culture, and absolutely hate Judaism. Talmudic Judaism is the problem and no sane culture should tolerate this religion. For comparison, Karaite Jews, who reject the Talmud, have never caused serious problems in the countries that they lived in.

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I see. Do you read a holy book that isn't the talmud and do you follow for instance Karaite traditions?

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I follow the Old Testament but I am not Karaite. The Karaites have Jewish traditions that are alien to me. And they interpret the Old Testament with strict literalism while I interpret it in the general context of history. My father's family was part of the Hungarian upper class and had no connection to Jewish culture. I was raised with a mix of Hungarian and American culture.

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Interesting. Are you a nationalist? And what do you think about Israel existing?

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I support nationalism in theory. I was an American nationalist when I was younger but America has decayed to the point that I am no longer loyal to it. I never had any connection to Jews, so I don't care about Israel one way or the other. Of the nationalities that I know, the only one that I consider to be good is the Japanese. But I don't think I could ever be Japanese. I don't know Russia, I have never been there. I was in Hungary a long time ago. It was nice, but I think Catholic countries are doomed because of the decay of Catholicism. Of the Christian countries, only the Orthodox have a chance of avoiding degeneracy.

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I never had any connection to Jews, so I don't care about Israel one way or the other.

that's kind of strange, they're your people, no?

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No. I am just like a French family who left France and joined another nation. My case, my father was culturally Hungarian, and I was American until America became intolerable, and now I am basically nothing.

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Welp there are still some parts of the US that could be normal, no? I heard the Amish just do their thing and don't even read news, they live in their own world. It's possible if you try it seems.

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Do you consider Japanese Nationalism good or just the people in Japan? And what do you think about Hungary in WW2?

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Japenese nationalism is good and I hope it increases. They need it to protect their culture from modern western culture.

Hungary was reasonable in WW2. The alliance with Germany made sense at the time. Hungary also refused to murder Jews and other minorities. Later in the war, Germany overthrew the Hungarian government and installed its own puppet regime which then carried out the Nazi programs. But this was Germany's fault, not Hungary's.

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Do you know about Unit 731 and Nanking? I undestand Hungary's position at the beginning of the war but I think the uprising that happened later on was stupid and simply spurred by alive nazis residing in Hungary.

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Wait, at the end is he really ignoring the 5 billion the US spent in Ukraine to foment the color revolution? Remember the cookies being handed out, and who did that? Seems like he only criticizes the Ukrainian jews and is ignoring the crimes of the jews with their grip on the US.

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What a shill she is. The reason I have no hope or illusions about humanity is because the masses are so easily manipulated and controlled by operatives like this.

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It is unfortunately true. Do you think there should be a limit to free speech or are you for full free speech, no matter how racist or controversial? I feel free speech is one of the main things society needs as people have almost forgotten how to react to something offensive in a normal way. Now, people start immediatly screaming at you for saying something a little bit out of order and I think it is stupid.

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I think it's a mistake to give your enemies the opportunity to undermine your country and your people. Speech can be a weapon, and it's been successfully used to corrupt the thinking of many weak-minded people. Free speech is great when it's not used with malign intent, which is why it should be restricted from your enemies.

Being "offensive" is a minor aspect of free speech. The danger of letting your enemies use free speech against you is that they'll begin to convert your weak members to their way of thinking, and eventually sink you if it's allowed to continue. You could end up having your people cutting their dicks off and thinking they've become a girl...

Now, people start immediatly screaming at you for saying something a little bit out of order

"You're fucking retarded". Try that and see if it helps.

*(also, forgot if you live in Russia, or are just Russian and live elsewhere?)

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I live in Russia, I am just going off what I have seen on the Internet about America and what my British Friend has told me about average herd mindset in Britain. Him and I doubt there is a way to save Britain from further degeneracy so he is planning to move close to where I live soon :). Where do you live and what do you think about the government there?

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I live in a California beach town. We have surfers, marijuana stores, and an excess of brain dead liberals and leftists, but less than 2% negroes. The local government is what you'd expect from leftists. The state government is what you'd expect from grifting criminals who have a strong grip on power.

On the non-human side of things, the weather is better than any other place in the US (not too hot, not too cold) unless you like the extremes, and better than Gelendzhik (Геленджик). Same coastal mountains, and some other physical similarities too. The environment here outshines the retardation of the people.

I used to watch a number of Russian channels when I still had a jewtube account. Sergey (realrussia) in St. Pete. Slava (russianplus) in Yekaterinburg. That blue haired chick in Volgograd, with the channel named for her kids. That long haired kid in Chelyabinsk, who hung out with Bald And Bankrupt. Couple others too, but am forgetting names now.

Is fascinating to see slices of life from various people around Russia. Sergey was doing 8 hour live streams walking around St. Pete when I last watched, and did daily streams on a couple week trip from Ufa (his hometown) along the Volga back to St. Pete.

Some on saidit and other places claim Americans aren't going to take this oppression for much longer, but the view from California is not promising. People have been enslaved for most of history, and it's because the differences in IQ and vision between the 'elite' and the masses are vast.

What region or town do you live in?

Blue hair:


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I live in Volgograd (Stalingrad ;) ) The long haired I think is NFKRZ but he is paid by Americans so his political takes are biased against Putin, but some of his videos are interesting. B And B I have watched before would love to meet him :DD. I think the only real areas of "resistance" in America are Texas , Arizona and similar states like that, but recently they have been flooded with mexicans and left leaning faggots, so I doubt there is hope for it now. Do you enjoy it in California and would you recommend I visit there? Also, What do you think about states legalising marijuana and other previously banned drugs? I personally think it is just a plan to make even more people lazy and fat and weak and to ruin their brains further than the current day already does. :)

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The blue haired girl lives in this building, with her kids and husband. Volgograd seems to be full of mulberry trees, as her and the kids got their fingers and lips all purple one day as they walked around finding mulberry trees everywhere. Her channel was the "most wholesome" of my 300 or so channel subs.

Google satellite imagery has been updated since the last time I looked.

I've seen a lot of your town and that area on google street view. There were some marijuana plants in that village on the other side of the river, just north of the main bridge. Even more now, but they look to all be males... There's a "bandit town" down to the south a ways, way out in the middle of nowhere. It has a lot of that weird white brick, and has a very strange vibe to it. Across the river, that huge lowland full of rivers and water just to the north of the Volga is pretty cool. And some of those towns up on the bank above it have to be seen to be believed.,+Volgograd+Oblast,+Russia/@48.7299062,44.2954766,8082m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x40f5d4e111834423:0x6e6f61866a5d5df8!2sSochi,+Krasnodar+Krai,+Russia!3b1!8m2!3d43.6028079!4d39.7341543!3m4!1s0x41053375b85b7667:0x880d179cce57da41!8m2!3d48.708048!4d44.5133035

Any idea what these 'lines' are for, or about? She had no idea when I asked. They run north for about a hundred miles, in that zig-zag pattern. It's not a windbreak with trees, and imo it's too convoluted to be pipelines. Have been wondering about that for years now. lol


That's him. Kind of a leftist hate-your-own-country type, but entertaining in some ways.

Do you enjoy it in California and would you recommend I visit there?

Yes and yes. It's literally the best state, with everything you could ever want, and a lot of stuff you'd never want. Even the poop city known as San Francisco should be on your list. If you're driving, some of those steep streets will scare the [...] out of you. Just use common sense and avoid the sketchy areas. Don't go to Oakland over on the east side, since it's nigger central.

I'd probably skip LA in the south, but it's a sight, and kind of a big deal. The redwood forests in the north. The gold rush towns on the west side of the big valley. Yosemite should be on your list. There's also death valley, one of the lowest and hottest places on earth. Big Sur, high mountains and cliffs at the oceans edge. If you're ever able to visit, do some research on what to see and do here, because it could take you years unless you just pick some highlights. There are a lot of highlights...

What do you think about states legalising marijuana and other previously banned drugs?

I have 5 marijuana plants among my hot peppers and other gardening efforts, and it can be a useful plant. But the official endorsement of drug use (magic mushrooms have been decriminalized in my town) is pandering to the anti-conservative leftist/atheist/progressives who basically want to tear down morality, and ultimately fuck children. So, I think it's a mistake, but that's just one symptom of our larger problems. It's also a big new source of cash for governments. Before legalization, marijuana was a $14 billion underground industry in California. I don't know how much they're raking in from the taxes, but the legal industry is being squeezed by the state for as much as they can get.

What do you think of living in Volgograd? Have you been able to travel around Russia much? What's it like to 'be Russian'?

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My area is very nice and I love living here, although I am sure I would love to live anywhere in Russia, Even somewhere classed as "depressing" by non-russians such as the area Norilsk :). I am personally unsure about the lines but I will ask around my area.

I Have travelled a fair amount around Russia including to the borders of many countries like kazakh and mongolia by the trans siberian, but I havent been to the far north-east yet, but I will get around to it :)). I went to murmansk and teriberka as well, which were quite different experiences from normal Russia but still well worth visiting. I plan to visit chechnya and dagestan at some point but I have been wanting to buy body armour for the trip just in case, I am quite paranoid about that area. Also, one of the main things I go outside in is a classic Afghan Gorka 1, which can be interpreted by terrorists to be a military or former military operative, which would not bode well for me, especially if I want to see the "real" areas of chechnya or dagestan.

It is awesome to be a Russian, our history motivates a lot of people in Russia to work harder and smarter than your average westerner to I guess prove they have strong Russian blood. Many people here are patriotic and nationalistic which is good as there are a low amount of self hating people like in Britain and a lot of people who truly love their country and would sacrifice themselves to defend the "motherland" ;).

In terms of Education, Russia has one of the best systems in the world (heavily underrated by institutes across the globe, not to mention the basis for the system is based on the СССР system, which WAS the best in the world). The people here academically are pretty smart, but what every Russian excels at is Street Smarts and Common Sense (which is not as common in the world as the word suggests). We are very good at puzzling out a dilemma and are generally good debaters, which is very good in a work environment as new ideas can be discussed easily and clearly. We are, in a sense, Wise, Like the ancient chinese ;).

What do you think about Texas and NYC compared to California? And what do you think about the Education In America? Also, what do you think about GTA 4 ? (If you have played it).


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Sooo... tldr seems to be 'we worked with soviets and it went genocidal, so now we work with russians and it's going genocidal' ?

Can understand his concerns.

Also, just to keep the tradition. u/Hristo-Lukov what do you think about this?

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tldr : jews bad :) Guy literally says Jews were heavily employed in the KGB, NKVD and all of the KGB in Ukraine as well. They are the ones that mainly caused these kinds of things to happen alongside things like Katyn, which there is interesting evidence against but I am unsure if i believe it. Lazar is straight up evil and he is Jewish as well.