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I am also happy we agree on some things :). Poland is Maybe not weak but Moderately weak In my opinion, I think a large part of their economy is funded and upheld by the EU. Your point about secular laws is very very true, Do you think Religion is the only way someone can be a moral person?

I only think the Soviet Union was really bad in Czechia, Romania and Hungary. If the Cheka was not so insane and the Government embraced orthodoxy I think it would have been even better. Of Course the Political System was not the best, But they did many good things all around the planet and They helped your average Russian person to live better. Same thing with Yugoslavia as I said, similar encouragement of orthodoxy and less socialism and it would be better :D

What do you think about LBGT? And what are your thoughts on this : I thought it was a very interesting article :)) Also : Thoughts?

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I don't think religion is only way for an individual to be moral person, but it is for society (group/nation) to be. First and foremost, USSR was the worst for citizens of USSR. People getting executed without reason, appropriation of private properties, stimulation for snitching and spying on your family members or neighbors by the government, general curfews and lockdowns for no real reason (and more) is not the way a country can stimulate moral behavior. That's why this country fell apart (perhaps it had a some financial backup from their enemies but I think in the end people decided they don't want to live under such circumstances).

Now concerning of increase of living standards in communistic countries, I gave this a lot of thought. I think if they achieved something to help out common citizen, this thing they did has to be minimal because of their (politicians) will to do so. Most of innovations were global trends of the time, and communistic countries didn't want to fall behind. After all, they came out as winners in WW2 and wanted to prove and compete with the West. At the same time post-WW2/Cold War era was period when everyone understood they can't stay in isolation to successfully defend against their enemy. That's where economical/technical/political and other collaboration started at the higher level than during period of empires, prior to WW2 (during which those cooperation's were military alliances only). The communist politicians and officials just used that to show you they were better than the Russian Empire. But they were not, in fact I'd say they were much worse taken all things together.

LGBT??! NO NO, now it's LGBTQIA+! ... Just joking. I don't give a damn about them. If I did, that would mean they are relevant, but they are just fabricated organizations to distract us from really important problems.

Concerning Polexit article: Yes, when you impose stupid regulations expect unrest.

Concerning EU-Western Balkans video: I think in my previous comments I already said almost identical things, so its nothing strange someone else thinks the same (especially someone like Boris Malagurski, who is Eurosceptic for very long time). But another thing, which is why they're tied to EU, is because domestic private sectors in all of those few Western Balkans countries are destroyed by bans that EU imposes to them, as well as basically all other economies. Russia and China also had restrictions for products coming to the Balkans (or at least Serbia in this case) until few years back.

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I don't think it was that bad for the citizens. Yes it is true, Stalin was very very paranoid and killed many just to be sure the СССР was cleared out from bad influence, but this was only during Stalin and Lenins reigns. The stimulation for snitching happened in Nazi Germany mainly and was not that big a deal in Soviet Russia and again, this was only during Stalin's times. The property that was held by the Government was atleast well kept and maintained and a lot of private property was taken off of people who had a monopoly on those things, which I think is justified. It did not fall apart because of that, It fell apart because Gorbachov instated ridiculous policies that didn't work which shattered the economy and then america backed a coup with yeltsin which worked. Many people were proud to live in the Soyuz and as I said most of the real bad things that happened were under Stalin. I do wish the Soyuz was into christianity, It would have been far better.

They had a very low crime rate, The people were very united and depression was not common at all. And they banned LBGT! Which I think is very good. Very Very close to 100% of people were literate and educated and it was good to be born in the СССР. Only really bad as I said in Czechia Romania and Hungary, as their Governments were far more corrupt than the other Soviet countries. I do not think they were worse, Majority of the bad things Stalin did was spurred on by a civil war just 10 years earlier and mass fears of espionage in his mind. I do not know enough about the Russian Empire to comment on that part, but I know they had a giant serf population.

But they are relevant in a sense, A relevant distraction. Do you truly have no thoughts about it? Also, What does the acronynm mean? Actually, I don't want to know. Ignore what I said.

I agree about the Polexit :D

Why do you think the Government sold themselves out to the EU so heavily though?

What is this about Russian and Chinese restrictions? Please send an article.

What do you think about Kosovo? Is it real?

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The properties thing was maybe bigger thing in Yugoslavia, since Kingdom of Yugoslavia allowed private properties. It was not only taken away from the monopolists, but common people as well. Everyone owning a business was in jeopardy. I believe a reasonable amount of social Darwinism is good, because I believe people should have the opportunity to evolve themselves through their entire life (and not just in one or two areas, or in a single stage of life - in Serbia particularly most people still think that you can develop only when you're young). That leads to fixed mindset (instead of more favorable growth mindset). Competition is a good thing. The dream of achieving something big is what motivates most of the people, and I believe many would do better if they are more individualistic than collectivist - if they had opportunity to fail and learn from their mistakes. But the communists didn't think like that. You could only advance yourself until the moment you finish your education, or worse - if you join political life or army. Even then you're would work heavily for the community as a whole, not just yourself, or your family only, or your group of friends or people you collaborative with. This commonly happens when you let thugs and thieves to be part of government.

Low crime rates were just because they provided jobs (and thus money) for those unproductive part of society (that would otherwise become criminals) on the expense of those more capable. That's probably only good thing about communism I could think of.

Concerning LGBTQIA+, they are relevant if you allow them to be. If the individual opens to the idea of that, listens to the debate, forgets about it ethic code, they are relevant. If there is a group of such individuals you might get a movement. If the group becomes majority you will get different ethic code. That being said pro-LGBTQIA+ people are irrelevant as they are just loud but very tiny minority.

Because in the Western Balkans governments spent the money they didn't had in order to win future elections (borrowed from EU/US/IMF/other economically relevant nations or organizations). They didn't start firing government employees and decrease expenses. On the contrary, they hired MORE people! For this they needed to take loan. But this won't last forever. When they put their countries in huge debt they will have to deal with it or face huge riots, and staying out of EU will ensure that to happen. If these countries enter EU the people will just go to Western Europe. That would be bad for everyone.

Well, I can't find the article now, but until few years ago Serbia could sell some products to Eurasian Economic Union countries only on very unfavorable prices (due to higher tariffs), but this is now settled. We scored some similar deals with China too. What is problem for Serbia is we're surrounded by EU and due to their stiff regulations we basically can't sell our products there.

About Kosovo, perhaps you meant "Is it a country?". For now it seems like a construct without any pillars of statehood. Just some terrorist "big leaders" molesting others less fortunate to become "big leaders".

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I think the main drive of communism was the community sense, that everyone was working towards a common goal and mistakes that one person made were picked up by everyone. It was very rare to get fired in the Soyuz and the Workers Unions were very strongly bonded. Reading literature was heavily encouraged (albeit not anti communist works) and I think while the Government might not have encouraged further growth, Society as a whole did and it was seen as idiotic to be a drunken bastard or to not have read Gogol or Pushkin Or Yesenin Or Whatever other Russian Guy and to be uneducated in a Country that offered such a high level of Education was seen as blatantly wrong. People would always encourage you to read and learn about things.

Not just because of that, but it was a leading factor.

I on purpose do not listen to LBGNABDJKFNL arguments because I refuse to listen to them. In my country it is true, they are irrelevant but My English Friend has been telling me many things about the western way of life. According to him, many kids as young as 11 identify as LGLMNDMLNFL and put ridiculous pronouns like Xe/Xim in their descriptions on Instagram. Social Acceptance is very very high there and its commonly spoken about in schools, apparentely there are also LDFKLNSD CLUBS!!! Indoctrination at its finest.

That sounds idiotic. Was that Serbia, Or countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina / Croatia / Slovenia?

That is unfortunate, I am happy normal trade has been resumed :D. Do you think the EU is a terrorist organisation like NATO?

Yes I meant to ask in your opinion if you think it is a country or not. I personally do not believe it to be a country, I wanted to get your opinion :D.

What about the Different sects of Christianity like Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Protestantism? Also, what do you think about Judaism?

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It wasn't only Serbia, other Yugoslav countries are in it too. Maybe not only Yugoslav.

EU = USSR. I see so much things in common.

What about different sects of Christianity? They're all fine by me.

Judaism? I prefer even some radical forms of Islam.

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I see. Why are they so disliked by the EU?

They are fairly similar but the EU is worse I think. Aswell as the fact, that the СССР didn't fund terrorists while the EU and NATO both have.

I understand, what do you think about the specific type of people that follow those sects? (For each specific one I mean)

What about non-Talmudic Jews that are not Zionists or Jews that dislike the current Israeli government?

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Like I said, it all depends on German geopolitics.

USSR was funding terrorists too. Maybe you don't remember Carlos the Jackal and his group.

Well, speaking in general, Eastern Christianity is more based on apophatic theology (spirituality and mysticism), and with Catholicism and Protestantism focus is more on cataphatic (where they believe there is a higher meaning to their lives and it gives extra degree of order to their societies). Personally, I prefer the first one.

They could be Jews, but they would need to dislike many more things than Israeli government or Talmud. How can you trust people that were expelled from their homeland for 2000 years and that mutilate their own boys?

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All of the SSSR terrorism are just allegations or faked by the USA. A grand total of 0 have been proven. And if you count terrorism as "groups who took over their country from American Control" then the SSSR has funded terrorists. But it would be stupid to think like that.

Even if any of that bullshit somehow happened to be "proven" one day, The USA has been and still is the uncontested world leader in funding terrorism. They were funding terrorists in Afghanistan, Funded the terrorists that did 9/11, Funded the Anti-Assad terrorists and faked chemical weapon attacks and so on. Even in Kuwait they faked a witness testimony to justify razing Iraq and Hussein. They have been funding anti-government protests in almost every country ever, Including recently Syria and associated with the Arab Spring, Heavily funded Ukraine to hate Russia and sent a CIA spy to Russia to stir up More protests and to destabilize the country. Just take a look at this!

I prefer the first one as well :)

I think it comes down to a personal thing. The large majority of Jewish people support their Government and the writings of the Talmud, which makes me dislike them. But the few exceptions I have met have given me a certain level of okayness with Jewish people. A lot of the non-talmudic ones I have met dislike circumcision and accept the fact that their people have done many bad things. It all comes down to a personal level, I highly doubt you would act much differently to a person you knew was Jewish than to a person who was American or similar in real life.