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Pff, like Ukraine would be allowed into NATO, its basically a nazi country at this point. Nobody wants to have anything to do with their government

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It is run by Nazis and all the militants fighting for "their land" (Given to Ukraine illegally) donbass, donestsk and crimea (with majority Russian populations in ALL of those areas and surrounding areas) are all part of Nazi Groups who hate Russians. But of course, the UN and EU and NATO and America give no fucks when Ukraine is committing war crimes and killing innocent civilians and killing members of the Russian Military.

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Those nasty Russians. They are getting closer to NATO bases by year.

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NATO has creeped up to the borders of Russia (Against Gorbachov's word) and supported Nazism in Ukraine and Bombed Belgrade completely illegally + many many many other ridiculous things. I have 0 idea why you support a Terrorist Organisation.

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Well to be fair, our countries can join NATO or just fend for themselves... like Ukraine does. We have awful experience with invasions (1968) and such.

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Except Ukraine is again on the border to Russia and would very clearly allow a build up of US troops near that area. I don't know why other countries willingly decide to be accomplices to global terrorists. Ukraine should fend for itself and should not be so anti-Russian just because it is a part of NATO

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just because it is a part of NATO

It is not though... probably because of the active conflict.

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Yes, I said it wrong. They heavily want to be a part of NATO though and are adopting a policy of Russophobia backed by 5 BILLION Dollars in investment from the USA. Many of those dollars went into anti-Russian propaganda and funding the Euromaidan protests to destabilise Ukraine and put a puppet government in the original presidents place. They have to adopt an anti-Russian policy to be eligible for the EU and NATO which the Government and the brain washed people want. Crimea and the other two contested regions all want to be part of the Russian Federation and Ukraine and NATO simply cannot let that slide. The two are close allies, yet Ukraine is not a part of NATO as if it where then it would completely undermine the stability of Eastern Europe