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They categorically dismiss research that shows black people are habitually treated more severely than whites when suspected of the same crime. They swear that policing policies like “stop and frisk” and “broken windows” aren’t racially motivated, even though studies have repeatedly shown that they disproportionately target minorities.

In typical form and fashion, this nigger plays the victim card, completely ignores the fact that africans, being 12% of the population commit 56% of all murders in the US. Let's not talk about assaults, robberies, burglary, theft where the numbers all CLEARLY show they commit WAY MORE CRIME and AS A RESULT, ARE TARGETED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT.

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They always have the first bit right, that law enforcement targets them more. But they always always always forget about the reason why Police target them more and it is as you said, because they do commit more violent crime. I am happy that Black People are nowhere near as common anywhere in Russia, even Moscow doesn't have too many :D. Where do you live and what do you think about the area you live in?

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Funny how he couldn't explain why nigger is offensive.

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But when a landlord asked if I was black, Sergei was forced to reveal my race – and the conversation would quickly end.

Yeah, calling bullshit on this. I doubt anyone even asked, unless guy's name is something like Denzel bin Laden-Obama ben Ugochukwu.

And I know gypsies who got flat in Ukraine with zero issues.

I tried to explain why some black people use “nigga” with each other and why the N-word was perceived pejoratively, especially if used by white people.

Found the racism 😇

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Denzel bin Laden-Obama ben Ugochukwu 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

How many black people do you see in Slovakia? I see a few in Russia, but not a lot unlike America and the UK

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Me personally? Zero, but I live pretty far away from any larger town.

In country as a whole, I believe there should be at least 6 of them.

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At least 6 😆 What do you think about Black People and Muslims?

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At least 6 😆

You may think I'm joking but that was actual result of census ~20 years ago. We are small country. I doubt it's over two digit numbers even today.

What do you think about Black People and Muslims?

I'm not really big into sorting people by race and I don't even believe most of people are. Being black doesn't imply anything, especially not in Europe. Well, usually 😇

But religion is a different case. Practicing muslim is kinda expected to kill me on sight. So yeah, not a fan.

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There are something like 50000 Black People in Russia, not counting tourists. Makes sense as we are a large country, But I wish there were less :P

Is there any terrorism in Slovakia? What do you think of your Government?

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Is there any terrorism in Slovakia?

I may be failing to remember something but I believe we never really had a terrorist in all of our recorded history, Czechoslovakias included.

But it's not all sunshine and roses. Our goverment is basically emodiment of Hanlons's razor 😅

I fully expect them to fall miserably in next election, assuming they'll even be able to hold for so long.

Did you ever had any black-related terror attack in Russia? I mean done by actual afro-whatevers, not crazies high on islam.

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That is quite nice :)

So the Government are idiots? What do you think about the EU and NATO?

I personally do not know of any black related terror attacks in Russia, But we have had many from Muslims, mainly from the Arab Mujahideen / Supporters of Ichkeria.

What do you think about the American Government?

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I personally do not know of any black related terror attacks in Russia, But we have had many from Muslims, mainly from the Arab Mujahideen / Supporters of Ichkeria.

Yeah, I've heard about those. For all shit those freak cause, they at least keep working as great argument on why unrestricted immigration is suicidal idea.

What do you think about the American Government?

Nothing much, tbh, beyond their commedy potential. I was concerned removal of Orange Man Bad will kill the source of salt and memes, but that has yet to happen. So as far as that goes, I'm quite content.

Sadly, tragicomedy of EU concerns me much more and at this point I can only hope I'll live long enough to see it falling apart. Cos last X years it appears everything EU touches turns to shit.

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They are a great example ;)

It is strange how Orange Man Bad continues to exist, even though he has almost no way to speak to his audience and is no longer the President. It is hilarious how desperate these liberals are against Trump.

I hope it falls apart spectacularly, With Merkel gone there is a far higher chance of that :)

Is Slovakia controlled by EU thugs? What would you do if you ran your country?