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Uses the words: moronic, densest, and idiots.

Titles thread,"time to shame to sheep".


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It was a purposeful play on words. Take those three words with you, they suit you.

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The one that's not even a word? I'm sorry, I had a hard time dealing with your complete inability to formulate a sentence. Apologies, English is my first language.

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Shaming does not work. They will just see you as insane. Someone will record the confrontation on their phone, post it to social media, and it will go viral and work as pro-mask propaganda, proving what they already believe: anyone who disagrees with the program is nuts. It's counterproductive.

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If you make a scene yeah, things could go south. But I'm going at it everyday, no negative experience yet. I'm sure I'll have one eventually but I don't care. Go ahead, yell at me, record me, I won't lose any sleep over it.

Even if you boldface ask them why they're wearing that thing they don't have a real answer.
Some seem to vaguely taste the falseness of it all.
And true, some are too stupid to shame or reason with.... ".... Because.... Brawndo has electrolytes".... But I'm not stopping.