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Thanks for sharing! It’s hard know how to understand it. I feel like most of the mental health improvements (like no longer wanting to kill yourself) come from socially transitioning and being accepted rather than surgery. It would be interesting to know if the conditions being treated are just like other comorbid issues or something actually tied to gender dysphoria. I don’t know if it means SRS isn’t really important though for those of us who are helped by it.

Personally, it made dating and finding a long-term partners so much easier and better. Also, it helps a lot to feel comfortable touching your parts or having your partner touch them.

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I have read many studies like this and honestly I'm not surprised. These studies don't look at the efficacy of GRS regarding bottom dysphoria, which is what GRS is designed to help with, but looks at mental health, specifically anxiety and depression. From my own experience I can say that GRS does not help with these, so I'm not surprised about these findings. It still did a ton regarding my bottom dysphoria, but Im a bundle of different issues and it's definitely not a cure for any of these. I'll have to read up on Swedens trans environment, but I fear I im not qualified to argue for or against that without any first hand experience.

To bad I don't have access to the correction, since It would have been interesting to read.

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This has more tidbits - I believe I included the entirity of the correction though -

And thanks for sharing! As for Sweden, the state provides just about everything a transsexual / transgender person could hope for, hair removal, FFS, voice training, legal recognition / protection, etc.

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Thanks. I'll read up once I have the time.

Germany offers all of these as well. And yes they are great to have and I'm pretty grateful for it, but trans acceptence is still meh overall, which I consider to be an Important factor from a mental health standpoint. I don't know if Sweden is better or worse when it comes to that.

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Lol that is totally not the right link - but I'll try to dig it up if you poke me again - I guess what do you define as "trans acceptance" ?

Though it seems the happiest trans ppl I know are those who... accept their selves and have done the work of making peace with them never being what they want, but at best a good approximation - though a lot of people will never be that - and I don't think any societal acceptance will ever make them see their selves and not see the man/woman that they are.... and unfortunately no amount of medical intervention can fix that head space.