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Jesus that was a roller coaster of filth.

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Thanks worried! Wasn’t sure what this was about.

Also, 🤢! What is wrong with people.

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Appreciated! Also, super weird! This should be good debate though, these two are more thoughtful posters and commentators

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so, I am here. So far, I've been talked about on Ovarit four times, twice by name. And I don't like being talked about without being able to defend my viewpoints. Therefore (and since I aknowledge that Reddit is way to happy to ban subs/people who are critical of the pro-transgender position) I suggested taking it out to this place, so we can discuss on neutral ground.

Before I choose a topic, I have a question: In the Ovarit-Thread, you appeared to suggest that I am a trans woman (quote: But guys like him look like they're just enraged that there is a group of women out there that they can't just silence. I wonder if he just rage lurks like "I'm totally a feminist I belong on here why do these (meanies) not acknowledge my womanhood I'm such a better woman than them I'll SO tell my truscum buddies that they're talking about us" lol I honestly don't know. ) or at the very least seem to think that I am of the male birth sex. What makes you think that? I intentionally kept any references to my gender identity or birth sex from my reddit account.

For a discussion topic: well, I've been wanting to make a thread on this sub about "Inclusive language", but not as a "Versus" confrontation between GC and QT, but as a cooperative discussion between them, where the goal is to find a compromise both sides can live with.

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For a discussion topic: well, I've been wanting to make a thread on this sub about "Inclusive language"

You absolutely should! We need more discussion here, and to be honest we need quality posters. If you have transmedicalist friends who want to debate, please invite them, too. Right now most of our QT posters are of the tucute variety, and it's impossible to talk with people who keep denying biological sex is even real.

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Hey, I'm frankly sorry for the delay. I have my own issues and sometimes just flat out forget that I've engaged in debates... Which is pretty much what happened this week.

I do apologize if there has been a mix-up regarding your identity. I think I remember someone else saying they had looked you up and that you had linked to one of our threads more than once on Reddit. I understood you were one of these MTFs that we see sometimes who want all female only spaces shut down, but it's basically because they're frustrated at not being included. Keep in mind though that O is a radfem space where we—at least I—are pretty much free to speak without filter and we'll naturally have common inside references. I was speaking "about you" in that comment because you were the one being referenced, but I was talking about a type of poster (rage lurker type ?) more than you personally. I don't know if that's clear.

What do you mean, inclusive language ?

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What do you mean, inclusive language ?

the whole "menstruator" and "People with a Cervix" type language.

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So you are suggesting having a discussion about how we should change legal/public language in a way that is acceptable to both women/feminists and trans people ? If that is what you are suggesting, either start a thread and tag me if you want me to participate, or I can do it. Check me as present !