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The word “man” means nothing more than adult male human, and I agree if someone finds it offensive it is their own personal issue and the word is not an insult. Same with he/him pronouns. These words are not insults just because someone dislikes them. censorshipment’s most recent post comes to mind...

That being said, it’s very obvious that allowing gc to use factually accurate pronouns is going to cause us to lose the already small number of qt participants. I don’t really understand how this is a rule. We could easily have the rule of compromising and using they/them, especially since it only applies to users here, and when speaking in general it seems we can use the terms that we feel are accurate and since qt can’t call us cis. I feel like this rule effectively shuts down the sub. No qt will come or stay here if we can “misgender”, because they place different meaning on some words and take offense. I think the issue is not the words at all, but rather their internal issues with those words, but that doesn’t really matter since no matter why, it’s going to cost us qt posters.

I agree with the rest of the rules, but no matter how ridiculous I think the pronoun/misgendering thing is, I think it’s pretty obvious that gc needs to compromise and agree to use neutral terms, if we want the sub to be active and have members of both sides.

That being said, I genuinely think most of gc gets this and would use neutral pronouns despite the rule.

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I prefer to use she/her by default in general. Are there any trans men here? I know there were some on the subreddit, but did they come here? I'm sure the GC guys won't mind me using she/her by default. And I honestly don't know who the trans women are on this sub.

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I have a general idea of which users are TW, but idk if there are any transmen here

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That being said, I genuinely think most of gc gets this and would use neutral pronouns despite the rule.

That doesn't matter when all it takes is one or two prolific posters to make them decide it's not worth it.

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I agree, I’m just saying I think most of us will, and hope that the rule is changed, but if not, couldn’t qt just block the people who won’t compromise?

I gotta say, tho- 2/3 mods who commented here have both said they disagree with this rule, so I’m shocked it’s a rule. I get not making gc call TW she/her, but i wasn’t expecting to not stipulate the compromise of they/them

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I just wanted to clarify I do agree with the idea behind the new rule. I guess I understand where grixit is coming from because I do have strong opinions on the issue of language and transgenderism. I don't think pronouns and the words female, male, woman and man are insults. Also, I don't think using prefered pronouns is a neutral act even when is not done because of compelled speech. That said, I suggested the use of neutral language as a middle ground because I realize we may not have any QT user to debate with if we don't make at least this compromise. Unlike Spanish, my natal tongue, which is a minefield for "misgendering", English is a pretty gender-neutral language. So, I think using gender neutral language to refer to trans identified users could be doable here.

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I feel the same way, I was more talking about what masks was saying about the word cis, but I apologize if I misunderstood what you were saying

Eta- got mixed up, thought this was on another thread, but what I meant by “disagree” is that you and peaking both seemed to be saying this rule would cost us qt posters

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No need to apologize! I didn't say much on my first comment on this thread, so I felt like I needed to expand on my thoughts.

Who is masks?

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Circlingmyownvoid, that was their original username and i always end up using that because it’s what I’m used to, my bad

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Yeah I think you hit it on the head otherwise.

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It’s very weird to make a rule that both sides and the rest of the mods oppose. A compromise would be so easy and it’s what we’ve been doing this whole time already.

I really hope this rule gets changed, as much as everyone fights I enjoy coming here to debate.

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It makes 12 hour nights feel way shorter lol!

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The demographics part... this includes nationality? Because I think where someone is debating from is a major factor when it comes to opinions. Even here in the US... a Californian and a Floridian may be on the same side but disagree. As a Southerner myself, I think West Coast GCers are too sympathetic with QT. Lol not here, I mean in general.

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People are also free to share their demographics if they choose, of course.

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I agree with all of this except not being allowed to use the word cis. Just don't call other users cis without their consent.

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As for pronouns and declarations of sex, everyone is free to request their preferences, but everyone is also free to decline.

I am GC but: are you actively trying to discourage trans participation? What benefit does this change bring that makes up for the cost of fewer trans participants? Is it really that hard for GC to use they/them to avoid sexed pronouns altogether when speaking about specific participants? What was wrong with that system?

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So you are blanket allowing misgendering then?

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My question as well. Very vaguely worded but it seems like yes.

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Anyone who wants to tell people what language to use is free to try to argue their case, but no one is required to concede in advance.

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I disagree with this. I feel like it will make it more difficult for us to find QT people to participate. Based in the previous thread, many other GC users feel the same way. Our rules are extremely loose too. Like, you can call transwomen men as a group, but just not an individual participant. It’s so easy to just avoid direct misgendering or don’t use pronouns or use neutral ones. The rules don’t force anyone to use preferred pronouns or language they aren’t comfortable with. A GC participant can refer to trans participants only as their sex (using male for instance) and still be complying with the rules. I’ve said before that misgendering does not bother me personally and participants can call me whatever they want (as long as it’s not a slur), but I don’t know why we’d make a change that makes it less likely for QT to participate when that has always been the challenge.

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So, no Hitlering, no inflammatory comparisons, don't use the term 'mutilation', no tim, no tif, no mtt, no ftt, no cis, no terf...does this:

Anyone who wants to tell people what language to use is free to try to argue their case, but no one is required to concede in advance.

Apply to those language restrictions or only pronouns? If the latter, why?

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That would likely be the end of my participation then. If I can’t say cis but they can call me a man, that isn’t a balanced space.

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It’s also unbalanced to expect us all to think or speak like ‘man’ means what it means to you.

Nobody is forcing you to make negative connotations to a term that has no inherent negatives to it.

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It's clear you're using them negatively though. You know for a fact sexless pronouns work fine, you just don't want to use them out of... Spite? No term has negative connotations. Language is applied and not static. Obviously you care particularly strongly about this though house, since, insofar as I can tell, the removal of that rule protects literally just you.

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No, I’m using it factually. It’s neutral. There’s no judgement of the person in the word man.

It refers to nothing but sex. The rest is all coming from the reader.

I didn’t make the rule. You’re free to request it be changed.

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And again language is not a static thing. Context is important, House. It doesn't really matter though, if a mostly echo-chamber space on an off brand alt-right website becomes a full on echo chamber, more power to you, you guys need more of them.

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If man is defined contextually it’s being defined by sexist constructs, which is sexism.

Male/man does not change meaning in any context. We aren’t alt right but sure, Juno right to accusing us of being whatever group you like. Weird how you don’t care about the rules put in place about the ridiculous comparisons and acting like gc is a hive mind. We’re bad for being on saidit and you’ve made two saidit accounts just to say so? Doesn’t really make sense.

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alt-right website

We aren’t alt right

Reading comprehension. Its important.

you’ve made two saidit accounts just to say so?

I never set an email on my main account (on account of not wanting to give my email to an alt right website) and couldn't access it on my phone. Not really sure this is the gotcha you think it is though, house, considering it literally benefits saidit zero whether I have one account or two.

Male/man does not change meaning in any context.

Just... Wrong.... Like i can't even argue it it's just so stupidly wrong i dont even know where to begin. 5th grade, maybe.

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We're here because most plataforms on internet don't allow any wrong think, particularly as transgender issues are concerned. Any slight doubt about the official narrative are heavily punished, especially if the offender is a woman. Transactivists also strongly discourage its follower to read what the others sides have to say. "No debate" is literally one of its slogans. So, I find it curious you're complaining this sub of being mostly a echo chamber.

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So, I find it curious you're complaining this sub of being mostly a echo chamber.

Is it not? I mean, by raw metrics the gc to qt poster ratio is at least 6 to 1, and even gc posters are posting in this thread saying these new rules skew it GC.

Transactivists also strongly discourage its follower to read what the others sides have to say. "No debate" is literally one of its slogans.

Are you joking? I've never known a trans person who doesn't read bad gc takes for fun. I don't really know trender types, so maybe you and I are thinking of very different groups, but that's what it is I guess.

We're here because most plataforms on internet don't allow any wrong think, particularly as transgender issues are concerned

Then be more advertiser friendly? Idk that's all big platforms care about so if they see you as a hate group I really don't know how to help you with that. At least on reddit plenty of spaces still exist to hate on trans people in a less mask-off fashion.

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With neutral language as an option allowing you to misgender us but not even letting us refer to you as cis formally establishes that this is an anti trans space.

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That’s an entirely seperate argument and I’m not preventing you from bringing it up with the mods.

My point is that we do not use the terms man or woman the same way as you do. Our use of the term does not mean anything about a persons character. Your use of the terms do.

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I don’t believe you first of all, but that aside when I say cis I literally just mean not trans but you’ve made some grand on the cross issue about that.

This fails even to maintain the pretense of balance.

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Can you please show me where I’m putting myself on a cross over the term cis? I’d prefer not to be called it but I don’t lose any sleep over it.

You’re free to tell yourself I’m lying to you and what you project onto the word man is actually a universal truth if that helps you. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Not my problem. I just felt the need to point out that most of the issues here with the word man come from people’s own personal hang ups with the word, rather than any actual insult intended.

I’d also like to remind you that I’m not making the rules.

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You are defending the obviously one sided rules.

It’s an insult to call a trans woman a man. Every time no exceptions. Allowing it while not allowing language GC takes exception to means this isn’t even pretending to be a balanced space.

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I do think using neutral language for other users could work as a compromise. However, do you realize that the inverse case (i.e. "cis" was fine, but "misgendering" not) was the norm before and no one on the QT side thought this favoured them?

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Cis isn’t the opposite of misgendering. It just means not trans. It’s not an insult. It’s a good thing. I wish I was a cis woman.

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I’m on your side with this rule, but “cis” means more than “not trans”. It’s literally saying that our “gender identity” is in line with our sex, so it supports both the idea of gender identity (as well as assigning a gender identity to us), and supports the idea that TWAW and TMAM, neither of which gc agrees with. I’m gonna keep using they/them, and I think this should be the rule, but it’s not as simple as saying “cis” just means “not trans” when in reality it pretty much is meant to validate trans people. There’s no such thing as a “cis woman”. There’s woman and transwoman. At least that’s how gc sees it and that’s why we don’t want to be referred to as cis.

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That’s not what cis means but I’m not fighting about it. My point is banning one sides language but not the others destroys even the veneer of neutrality,

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I literally looked it up to make sure I was correct before commenting but okay.

I agree that we should use neutral pronouns, I was explaining what I explained because that’s what biologyisreal is saying, that gc had the no misgendering rule while qt could call us a term that means we align with qt ideology.

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Someone could have dysphoria and still be considered “cis” unless they identified as something else. Not transitioning or identifying differently shouldn’t imply any feelings about someone sex, but I feel like “cis” does that.

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It’s literally a binary. Trans or not. That’s all cis means. Just not trans. All humans are contained in the set [ trans people and cis people]

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Are you really gonna argue that the definitions that pop up when someone looks it up as well as all of the pro trans articles that pop up and define the word as well as the Wikipedia page are all wrong about what this word means?

I know that’s not the point of this post but it’s just odd that you think this word simply means “not trans” when even qt sites explain it to mean exactly what peaking and I (and several others) are saying. If it just meant “not trans” gc wouldn’t care about it’s usage.

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We’ve literally had this exact discussion. The “dictionary definition” is there to look fancy it’s not how anyone actually uses it. They use it to mean not trans. There’s literally a whole branch of language philosophy about this exact issue.

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Agreed with this but I'm more than comfortable not using terms which make gc uncomfortable if they can put forth the modicum of effort it takes to do the same.

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That the thing. Both or neither.

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I wish I could believe you, but personal experience and people's behavior in this own sub its blatantly obvious that people ARE using it as an insult.

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It’s literally a better thing to be. That’s insane.

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You have literally just set down multiple rules as to what language is 'free' to be used here. It's right above. Are the rules optional?

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This looks good!

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Not sure where to post this question so I shall here.

Was wondering if there was an FAQ or Wiki for this subsaidit?

I am new here, and would like to know both the GC & QT side/arguments and so I do not repeat previous questions already inquired.

Edit: Hey mods, I think it would be cool if both the GC mods and QT mods could sticky a post or 2 separate posts explaining GC and QT to noobs like me, then maybe have another post stickied asking "Why are you GC or QT?" Then we can see people's background on it. Or maybe even post the rules in a stickied post and condense the sidebar to something like this:

1) Be Civil/Courteous: No sexist, racist, ad hominems etc

2) Disallowed language: You cannot use XYZ, etc etc. Allowed terms are ABC etc etc

3) Misgendering: explain terms here