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I just rejoined saidit this week. After my younger brother passed unexpectedly, I had to take a break from any sort of debate. I’m at a good point now and I’ve been steadily going through months worth of posts to get acclimated to the rule changes and what type of comments are typical before posting again. Not sure if anyone remembers me from the old site, I wasn’t terribly active to begin with and I only recognize a handful of usernames so I’m not really expecting anyone to.

Got a new job opportunity in a creative field I’ve dreamt of being in but thought wasn’t accessible or realistic to me as anything more than a hobby, paying about the same as my stable STEM job has, and I’d be able to set my own schedule. Issue is that it’s contract and everything is on a bid system, so the income won’t be nearly as predictable as I’m accustomed to (still per project it’s substantial, and judging by the earnings of other people in my position I’ll end each year at roughly my current income, and it’s not like I have no savings so I’ll be fine if I have a few bad months) and it’s extremely competitive to get the projects you want. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so I think I’ll take it, it’s just something that I haven’t done even as a hobby in a while so I’m nervous about taking this risk. If it doesn’t work out I still have my degrees and licenses, but it’ll be difficult to break back into my field after being out for any length of time, so I’m alternating between being absolutely thrilled at the opportunity and being very cautious.

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Jack, I am very sorry to hear about your younger brother's passing. I hope you are okay and are getting support. Please take care of yourself.

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Welcome back. I'm sorry for your loss, the break is more than understandable.

I hear you about keeping the old certs active while you branch out into something new -- it's good to have that safety net, though yeah, STEM does move fast. Good for you for taking that risk tho!

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My old van finally died last fall. It was so dead i ended up giving it to charity. This week i finally found what seemed like a decent balance of price and age and bought a new (as in less used) one. Now i am broke. No pizza the next 2 months.

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Long live the new van! But a no-pizza sacrifice . . . that's harsh.

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ohhi! I'm doing pretty ok! The gcdebatesqt discord is humming along nicely. We swung from spring to summer in record time. I just won an eviction and damages court case against a shitty sublettor (I'm not a landlord). Work is starting to pick back up. Life is returning.... Yeah, it's.. .pretty ok.

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Well that's good news about the case -- sounds exhausting.

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It’s coming on winter so cutting firewood, bringing the more delicate parts of the garden indoors (irises/daffodils/amaryllises/snapdragons/succulents/pansies/freesias/Hoyas/pothos/begonias) My bathroom looks like a plant nursery.

Always stitching something. Most likely seeing a rheumatologist cause doc thinks I have arthritis in my hands and knees. My medical opinion is that my swollen knuckles look mean af. Swollen knees however, makes my legs look disproportionate exactly like being underweight did. Ick.

Dogs eczema is under control now and he is making up for any cuddle he didn’t want when he was itchy. 35 kilo dog now sits on my lap at any chance. It would be great if that wasn’t over half my weight and his ass and head didn’t hang over the sides of the chair.

Found a pristine Marc jacobs cashmere sweater for $5 and it was too big. I could weep.

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What a garden! Love it. I'm convinced dogs have a completely different sense of space and proportion than we do. Dog math.

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They’ve gotta have some spatial anomaly where they see a space half their size and think ‘perfect fit!’ Then spend 20 minutes confused and sad about being larger than a shoe box.

My grandpa was a mad gardener, mostly I’m just trying to keep his plants alive. My family is a dreadfully sentimental bunch, we’ve all got some of his plants and became avid gardeners to keep any little connection to him alive.

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That's cool tho! We have a little tree from grandma, it gives a very nice vibe to the garden.

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Aww sweet! I love heirlooms like that. Like a living connection. Grandmas tree giving you or your family or pets shade on a hot day is a very pleasant thought.

Gardens are the best. Ours is going to sleep at the moment so the only flowering things left are the lavenders and sages for the bees and the citrus trees. Smells weird tbh.

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Actually sounds like an aromatherapy blend!

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It would be nice if I didn’t hate lavender haha. The bees love it though and we’ve got like, 8 hives to feed so it’s worth it.

If you like lavender it would be heavenly.

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I can see that -- I knew a physio who became allergic to lavender because they put it in so many balms, rubs, soaps, etc. It's strong stuff!

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That sounds so wholesome! I bet those were some happy puppers😊 Sounds like hard work well worth it!

I just did my first risk assessment and compliance audit at my new job, so I'm proud of myself for that. Was going to go in and clean a bit this afternoon, but the other person going decided to stay home so I will too! I'll tidy up here instead.

I couldn't get my beau to go to an art opening with me on Friday, but that just stoked some needed art-making passion. I need to work on some video performances to submit for a small film fest at the end of the month, plus I just secured my first big gallery solo show in January, so now I'm debating whether to continue the 'penis' series (not the actual name) I've been working on and use that for the basis of it, or whether I work on something new. I had this almost 90s-esque phrase come to mind that could be apt for now: 'My sadness is what makes me beautiful'. This is related to a theme that a photographer friend used for a show shooting artists he admired for overcoming grief and adversity to create beautiful, incredible work. I want to do a show with him maybe marrying both our series, eventually, I think they'd elevate each other.

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That sounds like a fantastic effort -- so cool that you've got a gallery show on the books! Yes, I can confirm that's a 90s-esque aesthetic. Totally. ☺️

Makers gonna make, right? When I'm not making other stuff, I can make a layer of straw.