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Why would believing that the self is an illusion mean that I would go stand in traffic to try to prove some badly thought out point. Being willing to extinguish myself at a moment’s notice isn’t even inherently evidence of the self being an illusion so it would prove nothing.

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Because if self is an illusion, you don't exist. There is no "extinguishing" for you because you don't exist in the first place. Nothing is "extinguished" because nothing existed. Why won't you go stand in traffic, which again would be a social construct? What are you not willing to "extinguish" when "you" don't exist? And you know it?

Because you still know deep down your "self is an illusion" is bullshit. Fuck off and get out of my thread now.

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But why is that the case? If you said “prove that the self doesn’t exist by building an ice cream shop” how would my declining to do so prove that I really believe in the self anymore than commanding me to kill myself does?