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This is an interesting thought experiment. The cumulative evidence re the scope and viciousness of cancelling female academics, journalists, authors, performers, commentators, and social media account holders compared with men committing the same social "transgressions" is pretty self-evident.

This is why I agree with those who claim that there's a core of misogyny in TRA cancel culture -- the silencing along sex-based lines has been consistently unequal. My guess is that self-ID infringement into sex-segregated or sex-prioritized spaces would never have progressed as far as it has if the policies, practices, and demands focused on incursion into male spaces the way they've done wrt female spaces.

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I've also heard someone suggest relabeling men's sports to an open sports category where anyone can compete, and keeping women's sports exclusively for (natal) women. Interesting idea but I doubt QT will take it. They'd just argue transwomen ARE women and belong in the women category. Its clear they don't care about fairness at all, since many will argue transwomen should be allowed even if they haven't taken any hormones whatsoever. Affirming gender identity takes top priority for them.

I'd also have some qualms about calling it an open category, because it makes it sounds like the default category. Whilst women's sport would seem like a side category. Men's sport is already prioritized and treated as default, but such a relabeling may further enforce that.

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