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Do the plots of your dreams and/or erotic dreams always match your sexual orientation?

I don't know that they're a match per se, but my dreams are all over the place (also frequently lucid). I've also dreamt that I was a man, and in those dreams it's an unsurprising dream-fact. No drugs, this is just my brain doing its thing.

FWIW I have had two close straight female friends tell me they've had erotic dreams about women, one also vividly dreamed of being a man.

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Most interesting, thank you. I have never dreamt I was a man! Now I want to. But have dreamt of female experiences I haven't lived: pregnancy, abortion, birth, motherhood. I am often the mother of twins in my dreams.

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Fascinating stuff! I think sometimes we "live other lives" in dreams, in a sense.

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I've also dreamt that I was a man, and in those dreams it's an unsurprising dream-fact.

Same here. A lot of my dreams are war-based, and I'm definitely a guy in some of them. But I've never been a guy during a sex dream, at least not that I can recall.

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This does seem to be a thing, then. Interesting.

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Although now that I think about it, I'm always clothed in those dreams, so how do I know I'm really a man in them? I guess due to the way people treat me. Like if I'm dreaming I'm in combat with other men, it would be weird if I wasn't also a guy.

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Right? It's complex.

I very often wake up from whatever dream state or deep sleep I've been in and need a moment to remember who I am, that I'm female, etc. Ditto coming out of general anesthesia. My first sense/thought is always something like "I am me" or "Here I am, waking up" and remembering my name and sex and everything else happens afterwards.

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I don' t remember ever dreaming about having sex.

I don' t know what sex I am in the dreams I make, I never check and it' s never the topic of the dream.

Whatever the case, I am not really sure why this is important. It' s a dream, I dreamt about my city being turned into a war zone and I had to fight to reach a stationary shop to buy a dozen of ring binders once, I don' t think it needs to be taken literally or be considered something more than synapses going nuts.

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Yes. I had one nightmare as a teenager though where I woke up married to a man and had children (I've never wanted kids). The dream me had no idea of how I could have let something like that happen and looked for a way commit suicide as that reality was too horrible for the dream me to live with. I was very relieved waking up and realizing none of it was true. It was the most nightmarish nightmare I've ever had, and I have had many normal nightmares with murders chasing me etc.

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Yes. Even when I’ve had sex I didn’t want to have in dreams it’s always with men.

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My orientation is the same whenever it's relevant, although a lot of my dreams are like watching movies that I'm not actually in, so 'I' don't really exist in those dreams. Sometimes I'm other people in dreams, too, but I've never had a dream where I was with a woman in any way or had any interest in women, even in dreams where I'm definitely a man (I was an old, black man once, but I just sat around a house by myself for the whole dream lol)

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I think anything related to gender or sexual orientation is good for discussion here.

Yes, my dreams and fantasies have always aligned with my sexual orientation. I only have sexual or romantic dreams about men.