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This was a good idea. Thanks Worried! 😊

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No problem. Kind of disappointing results, though.

We need more QT people. I knew the number would be low, but not that low. Looks like very few QT people are even lurking.

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Isn't "no debate" one of their mantras? Low numbers shouldn't be that surprising. They were not kicked off of Reddit. Reddit instead was made more "safe" for them by kicking GC people and subs out. The GCdebatesQT sub might have gotten more participation at Reddit, but I suspect their happier to see no more GC subs there.

edited to add, how many QT people are there in the world though? The polling number has to reflect a few factors, and one of those factors has to be how prevalent QT is. I suspect it is very fringe, and most "GC" people are people who did not learn it in college but were peaked by seeing QT in action.

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It is, but that never stopped QT before. Also, I thought we'd have more lurkers at least "hate reading" us, even if they chose not to participate. I know they're obsessed with Ovarit on Reddit and still trying to think up ways to get rid of that site, so maybe we're not on their radar.

Looks like we need to start recruiting. I wish I knew of a good way. Maybe u/Genderbender and other QT posters can invite people over.

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A lot of trans people and allies watch my videos, so I could talk about the sub a bit whenever I make another one if that would be helpful.

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That's a great idea. It would be awesome if you could. That way people would at least be aware that we're out here.

And that reminds me I haven't watched your channel in a while. I see you've got several new videos.

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Great! I've got a few things I've been wanting to make videos about lately so it'll probably be this week. I mentioned it in one of the newest videos near the end, but it was very brief.

Sorry for the crying in the latest one if you watch it! 😂 lol lots on my mind...

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I watched the two most recent ones. I hope you're doing okay. You seemed pretty upset in the newest video. I 100% don't think you have anything to feel bad about. You're not part of the problem just by virtue of having transitioned. I wouldn't expect you to detransition or regret your transition or surgery if you have been otherwise happy with it. The way I look at things, we only get one life. You have to live your life in a way that feels best for you. You're not hurting anyone by being yourself and having gone down the path that made the most sense to you at the time. I don't think anyone here would expect you to martyr yourself for a political belief. I certainly don't. I consider you an ally.

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Oh, thank you, Worried, I'm OK. I just feel like a hypocrite and I wish I could make everyone happy. Thank you for your caring words, that perspective means a lot to me, and thank you for watching my videos. I sincerely appreciate you.

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Of course, and don't worry about trying to please everyone. That's impossible. No matter how "pure" you think you are, there's always someone claiming to be purer. That's why purity testing is stupid. No one is perfect. No one can be a perfect gender critical person at all times or a perfect feminist at all times. All we can do is try our best.

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Do you enjoy the circular reasoning and ridiculously long posts that simultaneously rant while saying nothing of substance? I find QT laughable, when I don't find them disgusting, but I have no need for more of them around here. They won Reddit, they can stay there.

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But this is a debate sub! If we don't have any QT posters, that defeats the purpose.

I just want QT people who will discuss issues in good faith. We don't have to agree, but we can at least hash things out.

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That may be the idea, but they don't debate. This and the old one at reddit are just training for them to better gaslight the unsuspecting and gullible.

When talking about a guy flashing his dick at a little girl in Wi Spa, they talk about: how they can't be in men's rooms because they're not safe yet provide no evidence and certainly none that can stack up against the number of documented and prosecuted assaults on women by men in dresses in bathrooms (the old reddit sub "this never happens" documented it, but rather than deal with the reality of it all, they got it banned), or how the little girl was leering at the poor widdle twans victim when no one there said that happened because they have to blame the victim and have to shift the attention away from perversion. How many threads are about intersexed conditions where at the end they switch and somehow make it about gender with no logic or justification?

Yesterday I got told that women can feel empathy (implying men can't) and that men are monsters. When the sexism of that is pointed out, the QT advocate doubles down irrationally and with no evidence or justification other than saying sexism can not apply to men. A main argument of GC is that gender, ie the system of sexism, hurts us all.

How is an internal sense of an identity, something we make up and is imaginary and ever changing as we grow and learn and live, "gendered" in such a way that it mimics (as in its a toxic mimic of) sex? How can an internal identity be "woman" or "man" when woman and man refer to reproductive roles? We're never given an answer other than "my identity is not open to debate". The ridiculous brain studies do not every deal with the questions of: why that very weak data somehow means we should change the definition of man and woman, or why a male (based on reproductive capacity) should be considered anything other than a male and a man? Peoples brains are far more diverse than their genitals. It changes nothing about a person's reproductive function. Gender is a social construct and we should ignore it as much as possible. Sex is real, and pretending it away for gender requires accepting lies. People who accept lies can't argue in good faith, they've lost that battle within themselves already.

I'm here for the laughs. I do not need to debate people who argue disingenuously and who use every bad rhetorical and logical tactic in the books, and I don't need to because I've read enough and seen enough. Trans is not real. There are no trans children, no trans adults, only people who are confused, misled, or lying.

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Were you active on the old debate sub? We did have trans regulars who argued in good faith. We had good conversations there, and some people's minds were changed. Obviously, you can't convince everyone, nor that should be the goal. We should seek to understand each other if nothing else. Our two sides don't have to be bitter enemies.

Trans is not real. There are no trans children, no trans adults, only people who are confused, misled, or lying.

I don't take such a hard line. I don't believe in transitioning children of course, but I'm fine with adult transsexuals having some reasonable accommodations made for them. I'm just against the TRA brigade pushing for more and more extreme things under the guise of trans rights.

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I lurked there. I'm more familiar with this one than the old one. I do not recall seeing solid arguments of any kind from team QT. Good conversations, or feeling empathy for other's circumstance, do not require solid arguments. In fact they might be too formal for conversation or empathy. At this point, I think bitter enemies is the only reasonable option. Regarding the Wi Spa thing, and taking the woman at her word (her lived experience as they say)-- without making the man (as she called him every time) a 'transgender' as the Willie Wokebro tried to do excusing the offense, or making up a leering child or leering woman which also was not part of the discussion till smoke and mirrors were needed to blame the victims--, it is an escalation of creepiness that can not be tolerated. They have a coed space, the dude chose the women's space and didn't back out when he saw children like he was trying to be the Rosa Parks of pedophiles. And TranTiFa and the whole QT team pretend we should accept that. I've lost tolerance and patience with groomers and sex offenders, which is how I see the Wi Spa thing and what I think is just below the surface of team QT.

I want to point out that you are moving your own goal post for no reason. Being fine with adult transexuals and making reasonable accommodations for them is not in conflict with saying trans, which at this point is short for transgender and I didn't think I should have clarified that, is not real. Obviously if someone gets surgery to remove their genitals and create some kind of facsimile of the other sex's genitals, then they are transexuals and that is real. But we're told over and over that the idea of "transexuals" is offensive or out-dated, and gender has nothing to do with bodies or surgery. QT is not about the reality of people who have had extensive surgery on their genitals. It seems increasingly about gender and eliminating other people's, including children's, boundaries.

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I'm not saying they necessarily had convincing arguments, but lots of them argued in good faith.

At this point, I think bitter enemies is the only reasonable option.

I haven't lost hope. I think GC people can find common ground with transmedicalists and old-school transsexuals. TRAs may be winning battles, but the war is not yet won.

I want to point out that you are moving your own goal post for no reason. Being fine with adult transexuals and making reasonable accommodations for them is not in conflict with saying trans, which at this point is short for transgender and I didn't think I should have clarified that, is not real.

"Real" is a tricky word. Sex and genital dysphoria is real and causes real distress. Transsexuals are real human beings, and most of them are not in denial about biological reality. However, what the TRAs are trying to push is not real, these "gendered souls" and "trans children" and all the rest of it. They've pushed far beyond reality into the realm of fantasy and make believe.

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If you recall right before the old sub was banned it became the official position of the sub that trans women not disclosing their trans status was rape by deception and alot of QT members left over that.

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I think that was maybe 6 months or so prior. I'm not sure how many people actually left? I think a few people were banned. I'm not a fan of how that whole thing went down, by the way.

But we still had lots of QT posters right up until the end.

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359 followers of this sub and only 34 responses...

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Up to 46 now, but that's still on the low side.

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more lurkers than i expected, intersesting

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52% are lurkers, but they seem to be mostly GC.

Only 15% of respondents are reporting that they're QT.

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Cool beans. Thanks.