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I’m literally openly for single occupancy neutral spaces. Trans spaces are an issue because they force us to put ourselves and the only true escape from trans prejudice is stealth. My point has never Been we should be using all women’s spaces it’s that we can’t use men’s spaces.

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I think that is something I'd like to hear more people clammoring for instead of the "we just want to pee, in front of women and little girls" line. But: a gym that can fit say 100 people comfortably should have how many single occupancy spaces? There's the problem. A third room for trans women might be the best solution.

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Who would build a third room for a business when most gyms would never see one? Why would they pay for that?

Plus as I said it puts us. It’s better than a men’s room but far from ideal.

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You're the one calling for individual bathrooms, a third is a big savings over that.

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Not really. An empty room that costs a bunch of money is a hard sell.

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That third unisex space is already built in a lot of places. They're called family restrooms and family changing rooms. I've lost count of the number of places I have seen family restrooms available. Male and female bodied people can both enter that space, that is the point of family restrooms, so opposite sex parents can take care of their young children, this space can also benefit trans people. If it was such a hard sell it wouldn't be so common.

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Those aren’t common many maybe even most places. And many don’t actually let trans people use them. They have buzzers that security runs and let families into. That’s the way it was at a few malls last time I lived in a larger city.

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You might be in a different country than I am. Where I'm at people can just walk in and they are really common. It's possible, because that's the way it is where I live. Just sayin'

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I live in America but not the nice parts.