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I miss the fact.that we actually got QT showing up to roll with us. Out here, we're mostly just talking to each other.

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More participants on both sides, but also just more qt and I’d even say more qt that attempted to back up their claims and address all points

More participants who were “undecided”- they added interesting perspective imo

Better/more on topic/more thought provoking posts- we get some really good ones here every so often, had a few really interesting ones lately actually, but mostly it’s explaining how sex works over and over or explaining why convoluted ideas don’t really work in real life. On the old sub we got some really interesting and unexpected discussions and I think it was just because we had so many people offering posts. Here it’s the same few people one either side. Does anyone remember that necklace post?

I really miss Distant Glimmer, Hypocritical Cunt, JollyPurple and several others

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I miss our trans and QT posters.

This sub is friendlier, but not as active, and it doesn't feel as much like a true debate space.

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Littler bear and hypocriticalcunt.

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u/littlerbear is here, but I think she's more active on Ovarit these days.

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Or wait, maybe it's u/littlebear. I'm not sure which one is from the old sub.

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More QT participants! Being on Reddit helped to people come to debate even though is an awful place.

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Why not make the rules QT friendly then? Forbid references to other posters as part of arguments, especially as the reason someone thinks something. Maybe appoint an actual QT mod as having a trans GC mod isn’t the same. The sub is called GCdebatesQT not GCdebatesTrans.

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Porcelain_Quetzal is QT I think. I’m not against another QT mod necessarily as they aren’t super active. I’m not sure about your other suggestion. I feel like people being able to talk about their experiences with trans people is important to these conversations so I don’t know if it makes sense to ban that. I guess we could ask people to be more general... 🧐 I don’t know... It wouldn’t be my decision to make by myself in any case.

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There are plenty of trans people to talk about without talking about other sub members. And making assumptions about why people think things is just illogical. None of us know enough about each other to know why we think things.

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That is funny comming from you. I mean you're the one who often accuse anyone of being a bigot as a argument. So, what kind of QT friendly rules are you looking for? Some that let you bully other users while they can say nothing?

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How about not banning a commonly used term for trans mens genitals on a whim your majesty?

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I didn't ban it in a whim. I enforced the rule of not using derogatory terms to refer to people's genital, a rule that I didn't even write. And, as I said, you're not even a "trans man", anyway.

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It’s not a derogatory term though, and it never has been. It’s only ever been used by trans men to refer to their own bodies. The fact that you banned a term that isn’t even meant for you and is widey used by the trans masc community proves that there is no real intention towards making this place at all acceptable for QT posters. You reign over an echo chamber your highness

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It does get used for us. And I think that's something we should be able to debate. I agree with you that banning words is counterproductive to this entire project.

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I'll only allow "front hole" when they stop getting offended by "misgendering".

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We had like a whole week when almost everyone post was us all collectively trying to work out rules. Meaning QT had ample time to voice their opinions on rules, and the only thing you guys focused on was the pronouns thing. Which- worth focusing on, but even after a few of us pointed out that it was mostly gc commenting and we needed more qt comments… no qt commented.

It’s not because of the rules. It’s because qt don’t need to come to saidit because they atill have Reddit.

And obviously since some of the trans people here are gc the sub is still very much gcdebatesqt.

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Yes, they focused only in pronouns and they got what they wanted at the end because the rule about "misgendering" was not changed.

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u/Porcelain_Quetzal is our QT mod, I think.

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I prefer this sub for a few reasons. Reddit has downvoting. If you get downvoted too many times reddit does this thing where where you have to wait 10 minutes between post. This means if you post, you have to wait 10 minutes to post again. This can be frustrating when you're debating and can't immediately reply to others. Well anyone can downvote anyone, but it was always GC users downvoting QT posters. The average GC top comments would get 30 upvotes, even if the comment was poorly constructed or even hostile. The average QT top comment, no matter how well constructed, got an average of 7 downvotes. No one admitted to downvoting, and everyone said it was the lurkers. We also had a few users who were outright hostile. They were never banned, or warned. Yet sometimes mods went too far with the bans, mostly for QT users but sometimes GC users as well. On the upside, that sub was more active, there were more QT users and more broader and interesting discussions.

This site is full of right wing anti-Semitic rhetoric. However, this site doesn't have downvoting, and there are rules all moderators have to follow. Mods cannot remove user comments that are in good faith and on topic, unless the fact that the sub removes opposing opinions is stated in the sidebar. One person cannot moderate more than 40 subs, and creating another account to bypass this is not allowed. We even have moderation logs and user input into moderation Also, we don't have many QT posters, and it seems like I'm the most active QT poster on this site. But we also lost our most aggressive GC posters, and the tone of this sub is much friendlier. One GC person on here called me names and a mod told him to stick to discussing other people's arguments and avoid personal attacks. That would have never happened on the old sub.

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Good point about downvoting! I'd kind of already forgotten about that, but the constant threads complaining about it are not missed at all. I downvoted someone exactly once, for a pretty gruesome rape joke, but I guess I could have reported it instead. Although I'm not exactly the type of person to call the authorities, even just mods, on someone.

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I see the moderator of latestagecapitalism is the mod of 110 subs and hasn't commented anywhere for two months. Is the 40-sub limit new?

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Not being surrounded by far-right subs is what I miss.

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You can mute subs in the "all" tab

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You can unsubscribe from your autosubs. I did. If your referring to Saidit in general, I totally get you. As much as I respect their right to freedom of speech, I don’t like being on a site that’s heavily associated with them.

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Selfishly I miss my own posts. I spent time making arguments and now I can't access them. Sometimes I'd refer people to points I'd made.

All gone now.

This place seems a lot more quiet.

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I feel you. I had so many posts. It bugs me to know that they're still on the Reddit software, but no one can see them.

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If you just want to access the text of your old posts and comments you can do so here:

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Holy crap. I had no idea that site even existed. That's great. I had tried searching Google, but their cache was all deleted.

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Wow, thank you for this! I was thought I had lost everything I ever said there.

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Wasn’t on the old sub but I am aware how GC-dominant this place is. How could we get more QT involved?