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I wasn't in the reddit debate sub. I found the reddit GC sub by chance around March last year and started lurking often in it after the JKR "controversy". Then the GC sub was banned and moved to saidit where I started participating after a while. It was in the GC sub where I learned about the old and the new sub.

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I was there. I'd engage actively for a while, maybe a month or two, and then go back to lurking for a long time. I deleted my account when the mass ban wave went down. The existence of this dialogue is important to me. I could pretty easily go and engage with gc or tra spaces, but there aren't many where both are allowed to come together to argue it out.

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I wasn't part of reddit one.

Found this one - after all lesbian subreddits for lesbians about lesbians were banned, I started wondering what the hell is happening, and found LGBDropTheT, found news about situations like with Dana Rivers case and many harassment attackes on lesbians in real life, closage of majority lesbian events and clubs or making them mixed sex, found how Stonewall and GLAAD dropped any lesbian support and sometimes not even mentioning them at all (/s/LGBDropTheT/comments/7pyp/). Previously I thought it is just Reddit thing, because Reddit in general is very male-centric, incel-filled and anti-liberal, so I thought it is natural to have places like /r/LGBT and /r/ActualLesbians to be filled with heterosexual men mostly, who aren't even part of LGBT, and for /r/Lesbians to be completely porn-only sub, but after those bans, I found out it is not just Reddit - such behaviour and views on female homosexuality are normalized, and I thought after 90s we are past that. I am not lesbian myself, just febfem (female exclusive bisexual female) and only interested in relationship with females, most of my friends and surrounding are lesbians too, so I feel more in line with them, than with other bisexual women, as most bisexual women are still male-leaning.

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I learned about this sub from a transmed and a radfem I met on Reddit this year who suggested this would be a good place to find people to join a policy group we were forming. They were former participants who had a high opinion of the sub and thought it was a shame it was banned. I would have loved to have seen the original.

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I’m glad you’re here! I think you would have liked the old debate subreddit.

Do you remember their username by chance?

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Thank you! It definitely sounds like it was a really interesting place.

Their usernames are therapythrowaway1205 and terfthrowaway123, but I think they may have posted under different names. I believe at least one of them still lurks here somewhat, but she told me she doesn't post after I thought she was someone else here and asked.

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I was aware of the Reddit sub, but wasn't a member. I saw this group start up alongside others on SaidIt during the GC/LGB portion of the banwave.

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Meeee. There's a discord, btw!

Link here -