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They already think we are bigots because of our beliefs, anyway. So, I assume using said beliefs to reject trans identified people is further proof of "bigotry".

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Is it bigotry? Hell no. Almost nothing tra calls bigotry is. Unsurprising when the loudest voices saying we’re bigots are the most privileged men around.

When a group defines bigotry as any disagreement, everyone is a bigot. When respect is redefined to mean obey, suddenly nobody respects you. When a group defines victimisation as having ones feelings hurt, they naturally become the biggest victims.

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It is okay to exclude people from your dating pool and sexual life for whatever reason. don't even need a reason to exclude someone if you just don't like them or don't want to bother.

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Yes Yes and Yes

People refuse to date people for all kinds of reasons, and that's their right.

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Bigotry - Noun - intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself (Oxford)

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The irony…

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I think the entire woke population already see dating "the others" as verboten. They flipped the "bigotry" onto the other person.

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Obligatory not QT, but trans. Yes! Any reason is fine to exclude someone I feel like. I wouldn’t be sure that all trans people believe a particular ideology. I guess you can say because we are trans we must believe something about gender, but I don’t know if that’s true especially as people mature and grow in life. It probably would be true of most trans people at the moment though.

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It's not bigotry. In dating, you can be as discriminatory as you want. We cannot help who we are attracted to. I would never date a Trump supporter, for instance.

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I wouldn’t want to date a “gc” person either so seems pretty fair.

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I wonder what the numbers are of QT people that actually believe "not dating is bigotry" ? Are they that high.

Here's a follow up question. How many would date a person on the other side of the argument?

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I guess it depends who you'd consider QT, certainly all the outspoken and devout QTs believe it is bigotry. But I think the more casual QT people would be more likely to say date whoever you want its your life.

Personally, I wouldnt mind dating a casual QT person, I think those people just wanna support trans people but aren't necessarily devoted to the crazy stuff. I dunno about a hardcore QT person tho, it'd be like dating a flat-earther. I guess we could make it work but it'd be tough to ignore the elephant in the room. I wouldn't mind dating a GC person given they aren't one of the ultra extreme ones who are actually transphobic.

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To answer your other question, I wouldn't mind dating a moderate QT person. Not a rabid TRA. But I couldn't date someone in favor of child transition. That's really a huge line in the sand for me. I don't care what adults do, for the most part. I couldn't abide being with somebody who thought it was okay to do those things to children.

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I'm not sure how high their numbers are. But they're definitely loud.

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A general problem today. Loudness on twitter isn't always helpful, popular or genuine.

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It seems like it'd be really hard to seriously date anyone whose beliefs were so opposed to one's own, for anything. Maybe it's not totally analogous, but I refuse to be with anyone who smokes or condones it, and I wouldn't think that's bigoted. Regarding trans/QT beliefs, I'm not sure how many times I've sat and listened to my boss or a stranger or coworker or classmate complain and generalize trans people as being all one way or another, all believing the same thing, unaware they're talking to one. The irony is a bit much. That said, I'd wish anyone well who wouldn't want to date trans people because of their beliefs. I couldn't date most extremists regardless of what they advocated for/against. Even if it were, it seems better to be bigoted and prevent potentially abusive and dysfunctional relationships than to force unhealthy, harmful ones. Seeing people try to be together who for all the world seem like they shouldn't be can be painful and sad, honestly.

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I'm GC and my SO is very pro-trans and has a trans best friend. She finds my position highly offensive. I find hers offensive to women. It wasn't a deal killer when we got together because it didn't seem like a big deal back then (2004) and I didn't realize that in order to not be a bigot in her eyes, I had to really believe that trans women are women. We're kind of trying to work through it, but mostly we avoid the subject.