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Congrats, Sloane!

I like anime. I finished the newest season of My Hero Academy, which is about superheroes, a genre I normally don't like. I'm also watching Tokyo Revengers, which is a mix of time travel and gangs.

The last thing I read was some short stories of Miss Marple by Agatha Christie.

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Oh nice, didn't know anyone here watched anime lol. I've never seen MHA tho, Naruto was the only shounen i got into and I never finished it. 500 episodes is too much for me haha

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Haha, I expected to be a lone wolf around here to be honest. I watched a bit of random episodes Naruto on TV, but I never started it. Fans talking about how much filler it has did little to convince me to do so.

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I used to watch a lot of anime lol. Haven't been keeping up lately but I still enjoy it.

Yeah there is quite a bit of filler. I think the manga wasn't completed at the time, so filler was used to kill time while they wait for the manga to progress the main plot. Its pretty good tho it you can get past that.

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Hope you and yours are well!

We’re in lockdown number 7 or 8 now. 🙄 can’t get my vaccine earlier than November even though I’m calling the clinics in hopes of cancellations.

Making up some patterns for purses that look like little patchwork teacups. I hate seeing in zippers more than anything so trying to work in a flap.

I love bad jokes omg there’s gonna be so many!

A guy walks into a bar with a giraffe and says, "A beer for me, and one for the giraffe, please." So they proceed to drink. Then: "...a shot for me and one for the giraffe, too" And they keep drinking all evening. Finally the giraffe passes out on the floor of the bar. The guy pays the tab and gets up to leave. The bartender shouts out, "Hey! You're not going to leave that lying on the floor, are you?" The guy replies "That's not a lion... it's a giraffe

an old gent passes away and is brought to the funeral home dressed in a gorgeous deep blue suit. His wife is discussing the funeral with the director, and the director mentions that he could be buried in the suit he is wearing now since it’s such a nice one. The mans wife insists he must be buried in a black suit however, and hands the man a large check to pay for one.

After a couple of days the funeral is held and the deceased’s wife thanks the director, mentioning how nice the black suit was considering how little time there was to get it. The director waves the remark away and gives the woman back her check. He says ‘madam, You wouldn’t believe my luck! Another fellow of the same size as your late husband was brought in wearing this exquisite black suit, and his widow didn’t mind what colour he was buried in. So, it was simply a matter of switching their heads.

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I didn’t know I needed that purse but I do.

And those a great jokes lol

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They’re really cute 😭 but now the urge to make it bigger! Make a teapot too! ADD ADD ADD has me knee deep in a pile of lace and angry sweat lmao

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Bad jokes all DAY, please 😂 Those made me facepalm and giggle, definitely the best kind of jokes lol

I am amazed at how productive you are, and super creative to boot. Your home must be filled with all kinds of amazing things like a super cool gallery, I hope you put your creations out into the world! They really always sound so cool and unique! Being in Australia, I'm sure you take extra care to avoid snakes while sewing🐍🧵

I'm sorry for the lockdown (again) and having to wait so long for the vaccine, that's really disappointing... hopefully it gives you extra time and space to just keep creating more amazing art 🙂

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Bad jokes are so good, Mitch hedberg is a king in our house lol. got my FIL with one after he made a bad cup of coffee recently! Take a sip, hmmm it’s like making love in a canoe…fuckin close to water.

The sewing room is a mess of unfinished objects but most stuff ends up being given away. Definitely cluttered though, especially the display chair haha.

Too cold for snakes at the moment but I did find a huntsman in my fabric stash and that was just gross. They have hairy legs and the hairs will snag in the weave of poplins and stay there🤮 Better be a snake next time

Hey how was your gallery show? Hope that was amazing! What an achievement

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Ahhh I totally almost linked a Mitch clip too!!! Wasn't sure if anyone here would dig it, he's one of the few comedians I'll watch/listen to (RIP)

That joke... 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂 that was pretty good lol

Do you usually work on a lot of projects at the same time? Hard relate though, I don't even know how many unfinished canvases are laying all over the place collecting dust in the studio lol that's sweet of you to give your creations away though! The recipients are very lucky

Well I looked up huntsman and that was a hard NOPE. 🕷😱 lol I can totally understand the snake preference now.... ughhh spider hairs caught in the fabric?? Good lord

Thank you! The show hasn't actually taken place yet, it will run for the month of January (and possibly February?) but I'll definitely share the link to the virtual version of the gallery! I want to run the show under my Fleurista alias and share the link publicly, but if I can't obscure my identity well enough then I will share it via DM with anyone who asks (if I trust you!)

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They’re gross spiders but pretty harmless fortunately. When they don’t get to nesting in your stuff they’re worth having around cause they are excellent pest control.

Definitely work on a million things at once haha, not allowed adhd meds cause I can’t maintain weight on em, so mostly just potter around following the dopamine from project to project. Things eventually get finished, usually in bursts around Christmas or birthdays.

Can’t wait to see the instalment!

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Yesssss Sloane!! Levity FTW💙

Speaking of bored, all I'm reading lately are federal and state hemp regulations for work. Solidarity! 😂 I really can't remember the last time I read a novel...

Re-watching What We Do in the Shadows the series, highly recommend to anyone who needs ridiculous humor in their life. I'll have to check out Dead To Me, it looks rather good. Of course, always watching short, dumb YouTube videos, as needed for longevity.

I'm obsessed with the new ABBA song Don't Shut Me Down, plus Give A Little Bit by Supertramp and Xanadu by ONJ & ELO since I keep seeing a street by that name lol

That sounds like a particularly positive new thing! 😊 I have a lot right now, but overall being in a big city away from where I grew up has been amazing, loving my new life

I don't know any jokes, because, as everyone well knows, I am a deeply serious person--instead I will share a very important safety video for anyone entering the dangerous world of crafting

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  1. The ABBA song! How is it new but so nostalgic at the same time! It’s like a time machine.

  2. HOW VERY DARE YOU GET XANADU STUCK IN MY HEAD! It will never leave. We have movie nights once a week and it’s my turn to pick… I’m absolutely making my husband watch this with me.

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  1. Right??? They've totally still got their magic! It takes me back to middle school playing my ABBA Gold CD to death, I will never not love ABBA
  2. Xanadu is LIFE!!! 😍 I'm so sorry, Sloane, but also, you're welcome. I hope the movie gets you and your husband groovin' in your seats! 😁 I mean I can't help but dance around like a drunk toddler whenever it's on

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That show is on my list! Dead to Me is fantastic. I really think you’d love it. It has very quick and clever dialogue.

That video is incredible.

Im gonna listen to those songs when I get a second but the video… I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t expect that at all lol

Eta- didn’t realize you’d linked Give a Little Bit! That’s a frequently played song of my husband’s lol. He says you have excellent taste

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Ooo OK that's my next show for sure, I love me a smart, witty show!

Isn't it? Amy Sedaris's humor SLAYS (as does her brother's), but more than anything I hope that video inspires you to be extra vigilant the next time you go to pick up crêpe/creepy paper. And of course on the lookout for snakes.

That put a big smile on my face! 😊 Idk why but that song is just so endearing, it makes me want to give everyone a big hug! Tell your husband I'm very flattered, he must have excellent taste too then!

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Omfg the crafting safety video busted me up!

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Hey, congrats on the new baby. That's exciting.

What’s everyone watching, reading, listening to?

Rereading the Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson. Watching various movies on Netflix. Outlaw King was pretty good.

What’s a positive new thing happening in your life?

Eh, I'm not sure. I still feel weird from the pandemic. Like it's just dragging on forever and life is completely off track in some fundamental way. I can't adjust to this being the new normal. I started feeling better in May when things were starting to reopen and then Delta hit and everything is awful again. Is it possible to be traumatized from all this? I feel like it's going to be hard to ever get over. Which makes me feel stupid because it's not like I know anyone who has died.

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Forgot to put the date in the title, my bad

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Congratulations on your baby!

I am reading a Stephan King book called the Institute; and just rewatched Star Trek Voyager.

I am having fun taking an Anatomy class at school, but other then that nothing much.

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Congrats on the baby!!

Been getting into asian dramas and variety shows lately (not squid game lol). I'm not huge into rap, but Chinese rappers are pretty awesome haha

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FINALLY GOT A VACCINE!! so so grateful!! Gotta talk the rest of my natal family into it but at least I won’t be some Typhoid Mary of covid.

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Totally missed this! That's awesome! 😄 Welcome back to life! lol How did you celebrate?

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Only got my first dose so far but I did go to a few opshops all masked up and sanitised now that it’s allowed again! Planning on meeting a couple of new babies of friends and family once I’ve had the second dose and the two-week wait, so excited for that!

It’s gonna be nice to be able to socialise over summer, so many gorgeous places to go bushwalking, everyone’s keen for a barbie at the drop of a hat or some of our Maori mates have a Hāngi going, we can go fishing at better spots than the creek at home (maybe even head up to the pier and get some squid or crab) It’s so exciting to be allowed more than five to ten kilometres from home lol. Didn’t realise how much I liked it til it was banned for a couple of years.