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Thank you BiologyIsReal! I don’t expect we will be aggressive with this, especially if someone is new here. Also, it is fine to refer to yourself as cis or cisgender if that is how you identify, just don’t label others.

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What about blanket statements like everyone is cis or trans?

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Well, everyone includes people on this sub and I've mostly seen this exact phrase used after we state we are not "cis", so I'd say is not allowed. QT would have to say things differently. For instance, "I'm cis because...." or "a cis person is someone who...".

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Those blanket statements are not referring to specific users though.

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How are we not included in “everyone”?

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Sometimes GCs say trans men are women and trans women are men. That would be misgendering everyone who identifies as a trans man / trans woman but it's still allowed.

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It would be… if men and women were genders. But since they aren’t…

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I feel like, similar to misgendering rules, it should be about users and not general statements. I feel if we made it about general statements, we’d have to make misgendering rules that way too to be consistent and I don’t think we should do that. Hopefully, everyone can deal with the occasional QT user using “cis” in a general way. I still think we should discourage any use and that is why I left the language in the sidebar very general.

Part of what we debate is whether is man/woman is a gender word or sex words. Rules shouldn’t be based on seeing that only one way.

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Im totally just being petty lol

GB in particular has a habit of insisting that everyone, even the poster she is replying to, has a gender identity.

I think I’d be fine to ignore the blanket statements, but the issue becomes real when people (GB) continue to use the “everyone is cis or trans/has a gender identity” as their main argument even after we literally say that we don’t and not everyone does.

Even pro trans sites don’t list “man” or “woman” as genders, so I think despite be just being petty, technically there is a huge difference with regards to the concept of misgendering when it comes to calling a trans person the sexed term related to their sex and forcing the label of “cis” onto literally everyone who isn’t trans or according to GB, not trans or agender.

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If someone is behaving inappropriately, mods can still get involved.

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I agree.