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Matt Taibbi has a good article on his Substack that reviews the movie. Taibbi in his piece also discusses Walsh's politics, the pushback against gender ideology from GC feminists (he features Kara Dansky), the public positions of so-called "progressives" on so-called "trans rights," and what he believes is a growing discomfort amongst liberal Democratic Party voters with the extreme consequences of today's trans activism.

Taibbi has a sense that a lot of otherwise tolerant and "live and let live" types are now increasingly concerned by such developments as

  • the dramatic surge in the numbers of children, tweens, teens and young adults being labelled trans;

  • arrogant males like Lia Thomas being allowed to invade and dominate in women's and girls' sports, and then being given national media platforms to crow about their victories and complain how oppressed and victimized they are;

  • new, poorly-thought-out prison policies that place male convicts - including rapists, murderers and predators of women and girls - in women's correctional facilities where some of the male convicts have immediately taken the opportunity to sexually assault, rape, menace, verbally abuse, lord it over and generally frighten the pants off incarcerated women, policies that already have led to numerous lawsuits as well as to pregnancies.

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Im seeing more radfems/liberals/“idk what to call them at this point”s change their stance on trans issues. I agree it’s got a lot to do with the stuff dealing with kids, sports and prisons.

Once teachers with blue hair started tiktoking it went downhill for tras. And I saw the footage of Lia Thomas being booed and another of the audience pretty much waiting to cheer until the second place winner.

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Radfems have been against this ideology since the 1970s. I think you mean libfems.

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I did lol was multitasking and mis typed

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I’ve thought about watching it, but it’s hard to get past it being from Matt Walsh. He doesn’t care about women rights at all. Literally was celebrating the leaked ruling taking away rights to control our bodies. Maybe I’ll get the nerve eventually if I can do it without giving him money.

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Yeah. I knew of him but not about him. I think I actually referenced him here before alongside Ben Shapiro and Blaire White because of the childrens book he wrote

I streamed it for free from a link a friend sent me lol

Idk. I’m conflicted because as I said, the doc really highlights things I think should be addressed, but I don’t want to put money in his pocket at all by suggesting it to others.

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Glad it addresses important thing! I may try to watch it this weekend. Do you have the link you could DM me?

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Im not sure why I can’t find the option to dm, sorry. I really think you’d be interested in it and I so wish I could help.

On a completely unrelated note, I once heard a rumor about this thing called p u t l o c k e r. Supposedly, if you search those letters and a title, you can stream just about anything for free if you don’t mind pop ups at first and having to click play a few times to get it to actually play.

Of course, I’d never use such a site.

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Hi loveSloane! Thank you for the unrelated note! 😉

I finished watching “What is a woman”. It was better than I thought it would be and made good case for how nonsense the current trans rights stuff is. The first scene with his son and daughter was so bad and made me feel like it was going to just going to erase gender nonconformity and dysphoria, but they did get discussed some. Scott Newgent was probably my favorite person he interviewed. Overall, it made me feel hopeful like maybe we are getting to the end of this craziness. I hope more people see it. I wish he had interviewed GC feminists, but he is a conservative and that would go against blaming feminists for this I guess.

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I'd probably be interested in watching it if it wasn't made by Matt Walsh. What a disgusting man.

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I enjoyed it. It’s not perfect but I think it makes it’s point very well.

I don’t really know anything about him to be honest. I know he’s associated with Ben Shapiro. I just used his name so people would know what I was referring to.

What’s wrong with him? Lol

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Yeah he's like one step away from psychopathic. And that's probably being generous.

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Yikes I had no idea he’s such a prick. Cheers for a heads up

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He's super alt-right, in the "women should stay in the kitchen" camp, but unironically.

Also believes that criminalizing abortion in every circumstance is a good thing.

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I think the doc is worth watching and points out a lot of things worth discussing but that’s pretty gross.

For the record- I absolutely streamed it for free and gave no money to him.