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AFAIK, radical feminists believe in abolishing gender roles.

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The conservatives in my life don't care about gender roles. I wouldn't say they oppose them, but they certainly don't promote them either. So there really wouldn't be anything to discuss.

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No Conservative party here my America-centric friend, but yes. I’ve spoken at length about how gender norms and gender id are terrible concepts.

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No, I know lots of conservatives, but none that are really hung up on gender roles. Maybe my grandma, but she has a bunch of old-fashioned ideas and I don't think it would be much use talking to her about this issue.

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I'm conservative when it comes to males being gnc. I don't support it. I think all males should be traditionally masculine. I also think women in general should be more masculine than feminine. I hate femininity with a passion (in this heteronormative world), although I am strongly attracted to feminine women as a gnc lesbian. 😂 then again, I also believe lesbians should be feminine... so we'll all be femme4femme. I know I'm only a butch because I hate when a man is attracted to me and sees me as a woman to be fucked. I hate heterosexuality (well, I hate male attraction to females... it's so repulsive... but it's fascinating to see dominant/masculine CISGENDER/NATAL women going after who they want to fuck lol) with a passion.

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You're attracted to feminine women but also hate femininity?

This might be obvious but that doesn't sound very healthy.

Are you sure you don't just naturally like expressing masculinity?

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I suggest checking her comment history before engaging.

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That they don't identify as a feminist? A lot of it reads like toxic masculinity.

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Nah, more it’s worth investigating how much fringe ideas and brusqueness for the sake of brusqueness you find tolerable. Also nothing she says could be considered qt or gc so it may be less topical than some may find useful.

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How would you classify them?

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Fringe sexism?