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The fact that boys bully you doesn't make it right for you to bully girls like your fellow male classmate is doing.

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Listen my dude, it sucks right now but when you’re 20, you’ll be grateful for the ability to orgasm even if you’re being bullied now. The boys using girls as bully-shields who proceed to being surgically altered or beginning hormones early lose that.

Being mistreated doesn’t mean that you can invade the safe space of someone else. Those girls are not shields, and you cannot use them or their space just because it’s easier for you.

Besides, just ask tra, those boys in the girls rooms are apparently risking genocide by simply waking up, so using the girls space can’t logically be protecting them from any bullying.

Comparison is the biggest thief of joy. Stop focusing on how others find cop-outs or loopholes and let’s find solutions to the real issue here.

To say much of anything else seems abhorrent. Are we supposed to tell this boy that his jealousy should be fostered? That he should transition just to escape sexist bullying from other children? That’s sick. Adults owe children better than simple enabling.

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I think there should be a third space for students who don't feel safe and comfortable in the bathrooms designated for their sex.