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Because they don’t know what the word “transphobic” means and throw it at any and every one

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The TRA definition of "bisexual" is "attraction to multiple genders". The TRA definition of "pansexual" is "attraction regardless of gender" or "gender-blind when it comes to sexual and romantic attraction". TRAs say that bisexuals, while being attracted to multiple genders, have preferences for certain genders and may not be attracted to certain genders, while pansexuals do not care about gender.

TRAs said that bisexuality is transphobic because their definition of bisexuality back then didn't include people who identify as neither male or female, while pansexuality did. Eventually, pansexuality became the label used by people attracted to any transperson. The whole "pansexuality is transphobic" thing came about, I believe, after a rumour spread that the streamer Vaush calls himself pansexual because he is attracted to both natal women and transwomen. Because TRAs believe, above all else, in TWAW and that you can't tell the difference between a natal woman and a transwoman unless a transwoman is pre-op, TRAs thought that Vaush was fetishizing pre-op transwomen.

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I didn’t know that pansexual had become “transphobic.” I’ve heard about bisexual being “transphobic”, but I think it’s stupid. 😂

Just out of curiosity (feel free not to answer if it is too personal), why do you prefer biological men to mtfs (also biological men, but 🤷‍♀️)? I guess just based on the others things you said I would have guessed the opposite.

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Oh it's only because it's the amount of people I've know throughout my life or celebrities that I'm attracted to. From the most to the least. 😂 There's like 5 natal men and 2 mtf transsexuals (also celebrities) that I'm attracted to. I also agree that it's stupid for them to call sexual orientations transphobic. Like some people are attracted to trans ppl others aren't. Nobody can control that.

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