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  1. How could we possibly know? We don’t know all trans people. I do know I’ve seen some trans people lean GC, even here. However, I’d say even if you lean gc, if you’re still using opposite sex spaces and referring to yourself as a “woman” (TW) or a “man” (TM), you’re still a part of the problem even if you don’t agree with most tra views

  2. Trans people can advocate for their rights and protections without being TRAS by… advocating for their own instead of trying to force/convince others to give up their spaces, language, etc and by accepting that other people don’t have to believe what they believe and aren’t bigots or “uneducated” for not doing so.

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  1. No, those are totally different things I feel like. Trans people might be more likely to be TRAs or more interested in the issue because they are trans, but it’s not all.
  2. I guess, but what rights or protections do trans people not have? I feel like TRAs are the only ones saying trans people are missing them.

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No idea. There’s a few transgender people and I’m not about to harass them to ask, or speak for them.

They can easily advocate for their right to safety and their need for third spaces in public toilets and sports teams without ever joining in on attempting to have women’s spaces and groups taken away. Advocating for themselves rather than against women would make them a different kind of TRA who I’d support heartily.

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Please specify what rights and protections you are referring to.

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No, definitely not. There are even plenty of prominent trans people who are not TRAs. Blaire White, Buck Angel, Debbie Hayton, and others who are on TRA shit lists for not spouting the TRA party line. Even Caitlyn Jenner, the person who kicked off the trans boom in 2015, is vilified for not having TRA-approved opinions.