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Ebay is going to be more expensive since people have done the research and know what they've got. You're not likely to find underpriced hidden gems there. Do you have local yard sales, thrift sales, etc you could check? Craigslist / Facebook marketpace is another option but it's hit or miss since sometimes people want way too much for their old junk.

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Ebay is technically a digital garage sale you can't even test the equipment. Back when Goodwill did retro electronics you could at least test it/power it on to make sure you get a boot or the device didn't fry,etc.

We got two commodore 64's from different sellers to replace our old one (which still works) minus the J key and you know what? They all had the SAME BROKEN J KEY which we sent back. Our Commodore 64 though has a dying power supply and neither Dad and I can solder. Shaky hands disease. There's a real name for that diseases but it's one of those long doctor ones.

The pictures didn't show the broken J key and the sellers all said it was all fine. Case in point: I have Manheim Steamroller records mostly from Amazon but one from Ebay which we can tell which one is the Ebay one just by listening to it without even looking at the record.