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Skyward Sword was always a bit shite but the issue wasn't catering to feminists it was leaning too hard into casuals which was Nintendo's Modus Operandi during the Wii era. Which is why you had the constant annoying tutorials and helper character that wouldn't shut up about shit that was obvious to anyone over the age of 2 and had plaid a video game ever. My heart's are low and I'll die if they run out? No shit Sherlock. Zelda:Please find the six magical mcguffins Swordcunt:Master I think we should look for the six magical mcguffins. Wow amazing thanks I would have never guessed to do the thing the game just told me to do.

Beyond being a bit too handholdy boring and outright solving the puzzles for you the game is merely, ok, it's just an annoying slog because of the previous stuff. Feminists like to whine and complain online about shit but when push comes to shove they aren't the ones playing video games because they don't give a shit about the game only the perceived social aspects of them, the sin they committed with Skyward Sword has making the game a tedious chore to play with pointless repetitive annoyances and too much hand holding.

They learned and fixed most of this on the switch games by simply letting you toggle the tutorials off. Thank God.

WWHD though, despite being a better game than Skyward Sword, despite having a great visual style. Is actually kind of a shit game at it's core. It was great back in 02 because very few games had that kind of open world feel back then and it felt huge. But the dungeons are probably the worst in the series, there's very few of them, and while I personally didn't mind the sailing it does get tedious and repetitive. As much as I love the visual style of it, it's near dead last in quality for a Zelda game, about the only thing it has going for it over Skyward Sword is that it lacks so much of the annoying handholding BS and the plot is kinda epic, but otherwise, nuts and bolts of it it's a worse game.

Now if they want to make a kind of wind waker 2 and make a new island hopping game, I'd be down for that, they just gotta make the islands bigger and more varied than mostly a few featureless rocks and repeated islands with maybe a tree or something on it. They could do some proper large islands in the BOTW engine.

But actually they should do the Mario Galaxy treatment. Set the game in space. Have a proper huge map. Have planets with different gravity and shit. That would be hella fun for the physics based puzzles.

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Didn't care for the space but man I'd LOVE a proper Wind Waker but knowing Nintendo they'll play it safe. Japanese in general does NOT believe in competition not even within their own internal people to the point you have to step over each others toes to avoid any discorse. I mean NOT step over each other's toes to avoid discorse. For example when American baseball players go to Japan to play baseball they have to do EXACTLY what the other team says even if it means losing: If they tell you to go to 1st base you DON'T do a homerun even if the opportunity is there and you make the team win you WILL BE BOOED and your reputation torn to shreds likely not invited back to any future game. Granted this was in the 60s. Dad knew someone in pharmacy school that told him all about Japan because he was half white and in Japan they are very racist to those not fully with that Japanese look.

If your shunned you can't do ANYTHING but the bottom of the barrel stuff the rest of your life and you'll have a hard time even doing that and this doesn't even get into disabilities land. In short everything is TIGHTLY controlled in Japan.

IE: If a train driver is even 15 seconds late or even early he or she (most likely a he) WILL be written up for that which did happen several years ago where a Japanese A-train was 15 seconds late because the driver was a bit late from lunch and what he did wasn't a big deal anywhere else but in Japan he was fired and all the other drivers had to be retrained to be allowed to drive again and they spent MILLIONS of Japanese Yen I think they use to do a public apology.