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Skyward Sword has always been a bit bleh. Has nothing to do with Obama or Feminism though, does have to do with Nintendo running out of ideas and overly courting casuals via front end explanation of the mechanics that assumes the player is a boomer who hasn't touched a video game in their entire life and needs to be walked through even the most basic of menu navigation.

Contrary to common belief though the controls are not the issue with that game. They aren't as tight as they could be and the focus on motion controls ends up simplifying a lot of the puzzles and combat making it boring in comparison to a game with better controls, but the controls work fine and the overall game is very easy to finish, especially when it has a helper character that flat out tells you how to complete everything. Much like Star Fox Zero the game gets a bad rap because people initially hate the controls they aren't used to and complain about it because it's like the first time they played any video game and they don't like feeling clumsy and unwieldy while learning the muscle memory.

This causes them to give up early before they learn it and before they can realize the game has other far more critical flaws than merely the controls. Star Fox being the game is shorter than the learning curve for the controls. Zelda being the game is a boring slog that doesn't let you have fun because you have to be chaperoned the entire time by one of the most annoying characters in history.

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Well at the time Obama was pushing feminism to the fore front which they threatened all the companies so they cowered in one by one till all you got was 'woke' crap we have today. It went out of control back then somewhere between 2010 and 2014. After that Google got the big guns and soft censored everything so you couldn't do anything without their approval and all or most of the alt search engines gave up and just used a crappy version of Google as their 'façade'.

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Nintendo is a Japanese company and has basically no connection to the American president.

If you want to argue feminism influenced the game go for it but I'm going to need specific examples. Skyward Sword doesn't seem that much different to me than the other Zelda games save the motion control focus, which tbf is about in line with past Nintendo 1st party games focusing on the console gimmick.

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The whole world was in a funk at that time because of the 08 crash and people doing things that kept prolonging it which this would influence decision making whether or not to gamble a risk in ANY industry especially video games and movies. Besides video games movies at the time became stale doing the same stupid shit over and over because it was 'easy' to make since people kept eating it up.

he Baltic Sea Index was near zero for a long time and entire ship fleets were sold off or decommissioned the summer BEFORE the 08 depression. It was on various premium business news sites that you had to pay to get the full article but our work place had WSJ so we saw what was happening before most of the public did and knew some kind of shit was going down within the next few months. They don't sell cargo ships for the fun of it!

Unlike the 1920-21 depression we kept adding to the crap and bankers supposedly 'committed suicide' in different parts of the world in 09 by jumping off of buildings and in 2013 the truth came out that they were 'fudging' a lot of records to make the economy look better then it actually was. Essentially cooking the books in order to promote Obama in 2012 that he was 'fixing' stuff when he didn't do squat and it made businesses be scared in terms of future investment. In fact a law was passed that limited the amount of money one could take OUT of the US because so many were jumping ship and renouncing their citizenship meaning they wouldn't be allowed to be US citizens anymore. They were THAT scared.

Nintendo's console gimmick in a way was playing it safe because they were always known as a 'toy' company to their higher investors so they could only do what they were told and were told NOT to compete with the big boys at the time. Sony was one of them since Sony does more then just video games.

In Japan as I said before competition is highly frowned upon which takes too long to get into here and people have bricks in their ears these days anyways.