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Internet has a heavy negativity bias and also a heavy novelty bias. These don't really work together so all you see is people complaining. But most people still enjoy the same things and it's a safe bet not to reinvent the wheel. People on the net complain but most people are simply enjoying it and not thinking critically. Neither are they hardcore gamers in the more "play all the new releases game journalist" types. Even if they don't count as "casuals" anymore. Market is quite different, there's loads of niche stuff. And the niche stuff while sometimes amazing rarely appeals to the mass market, mass market AAA games that get the huge budgets have to appeal to that mass market so they can't really go as niche as they might want.

I could honestly care less about the new Zelda, and that's coming from someone who loved BOTW. It's more of the same. I'll probably play it when I've got nothing better to do. But it doesn't have me hyped, we've done open world for like a decades now. It's cool, but overdone. BOTW was excellent. And a good take on it. But for a second time? I don't really feel hyped.

I'm far more excited for the switch Advance Wars. Again old hat. But not seen that game in ages. And I don't think it's quite gotten the Fire Emblem treatment yet where the game changed a lot to appeal to the mass market but lost a lot of it's enigmatic appeal that made it a niche title that was excellent but didn't sell copies.

Mostly because gamers have the attention span of a gnat and aren't gonna go about reading several pages of political intrigue before the game even starts. If it hits your niche it's amazing. If it doesn't boring as sin.