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Google hacked the candidate search results for it's Russian founder.
That's the extent of"Russian hacking" bullshit...

I work with a fellow who is completely sold on this Russian crap.

He carries on about the Mueller report, so I made a report about him.
It's a legit file folder with his name on it, and some bogus personal info on the cover.
I told the guy that I had a file put together about his alleged involvement with Russian children, and stated that I was conducting an investigation.

Inside is a bound stack of about 20 blank pages. The top page has the "fellows name" on it, with "RUSSIAN CHILDREN" printed below.

I've carried it with me to various meetings that he's attended, and shown him the outside cover each time, but have only shown him the "Russian children" inside once. He doesn't like it.

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hahaha fucking hilarious man

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Thanks! ;-)

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To add to this, as a northern European, this is how it seems to work up here:

The media claim that the Russians are bad (or sometimes good if it that time happens to fit into their narrative), then next they try to find parallels between the far right parties (moderate right - or when it comes to financial politics most would argue that they are actually very leftist on a global scale) and the Russians. Then by the guilt of this fabricated association bring the unwanted parties down - or anyone associated with them if need be.

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Russigate was a pysop within a psyop. It helped both teh Demos cover up the emails and what was in them, it helped cover for stratfor who Alex Joens works for, it helped promote Trump and the PSYOP Seth Rich Hoax, and it promoted the fake news retoric which has divided and conquered. Everything is theatrics on both the left and right, including the shill Tim Pool. Eventually, you're reseaarch will lead you to this conclusion as it did for me. They are all actors on a stage.

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They are not all actors. That is a step too far for me.
They may be influenced by many things and certain people. And all have their personal beliefs and biases. Sometimes I even agree with one of them.

But if you want to go much deeper in the rabbit hole, I also believe that certain occultists are active.

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Yes, the occultists are duginists, nazbols, atheistic Zionists, and a bunch of other actors of the NWO, that have hijacked US politics creating political theater in its place.

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If they are conducting psyops, they are actors of propaganda and disinformation. Wikileaks:

Assange, the Seth Rich Hoax are all psyops. The Russian narrative is a psyop within a psyop. First, to scare state and local governments into letting DHS, an unconstitutional agency after the false flag of 911 to take over voting systems. That was always teh goal of the fake Russian Narrative. But we must look closer into DHS, and see Russians have hijacked these agencies as well. The Russian narrative benefits Trump but not only Trump but the democrates and the media. Wikileaks merely created a discordian, demoralization that is exactly what Israel and the Russians wanted in the west. The Russian narrative is indeed fake, but Israel and Russian, nazbol discordian campaigns are not.

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Yes they are killing Americans who are not buying this BS Russiagate psychological operation. The DOJ is protecting pedophiles as is the rest of the government. You cannot meddle in USA elections because they are rigged for the elite by the elite. So the fact that anyone in DC blames another country for the USA governments corruption is indicators they are afraid of the truth coming out. They kidnap journalists, activists and whistle blowers to gag them and prevent credible backing of the truth, they refuse to let out. They love to deflect, project, divert and distract world from their own damn faults. You know you are onto something when your building a unity movement worldwide for almost decade and they waste tax dollars sending you a handler and later poisoning. They are gonna regret that! Just like they are going to regret kidnapping, chasing and killing many hero's of information. Truth is coming out and their is nothing the mafia in CIA can do about it, no matter how many they kidnap or kill. They cannot create boogey man campaigns and blame everything on other countries for much longer. Gas lighting is a tool of psychiatry who will call you mentally ill for knowing the truth about the USA government. They will medicate you and diagnose you with made up mental illness for speaking the truth. They will stalk you, intercept your communications, target your loved ones and destroy you by black balling you. Then they will say your crazy when you finally lose your mind after a series of psyops.

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Mr. Mueller, what do you know about Fusion GPS?

Fusion what?

[If you ever wondered if US politics is a huge joke, there is your answer. It is a cosmic joke. Testimony not verbatim.]