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I remember it like it was yesterday. :(

Oh wait. It was.

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Saddest thing I was working on giant post for the GC women of color sub for days. Now I can't even post it. It doesn't matter anymore. We have to start anew.

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Why not post it here instead? We should make this community as active as possible.

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Thank you for your work on this - I hope you decide to publish it somewhere else. One thing we could improve upon from the original subreddit was racism. I felt like the "womanface" comparisons were really damaging and a lot of our black sisters were put off by it. I've always felt it was kind of cringe and took away from any points being made. Radical feminist spaces need to really confront this head-on. I hope GC WoC can create a space here for themselves too.

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Is there any hope of the Peak Trans threads being archived somewhere? I was reading through for weeks and got to the beginning of Peak Trans X before everything went kablooey and would love to read the rest.

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Thanks for that, I really miss the conversations from EARLY THIS MORNING ugh 😔

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Damn I looked at that archive linked and saw this as one of the top posts:

I'm finding the physical strength gap between men and women really depressing.

I honestly don't think I would be as bothered about this if there weren't so many violent men around. Fortunately since I'm fairly young and grew up in a protected environment I haven't had any bad experiences so far but as a smaller woman myself (being 5'1 and about 100 pounds) the idea that virtually any man could hurt me easily if he wanted to makes me feel incredibly weak and vulnerable.

This is exacerbated when I hear about studies showing that the weakest man in the study could punch harder than the strongest woman, and the gap in strength is actually huge and lots of women who train hard and work out seriously are still completely outmatched in strength by a couch-potato man who's never been to a gym in his entire life. I think this is part of the main issue for me - I wouldn't work out for the purpose of trying to "get as strong as a man" but it's very depressing that even if I did work out and train, I would probably have to become a full on bodybuilder to even get close to the

That really resonated but now I can't read the full post or the comments. Another reminder of what we lost.

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Here's that post archived.

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Wow! That's awesome, thank you so much! I only knew of removeddit, but now will try look for stuff on as well!

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It's so sad looking at the posts on the front page there... two posts about violence in sex, a post about how TIMs reduce periods to bloating and mood swings, the one about difference in strength... and of the six non-pinned posts, only one is about TIMs, even though some people like to act like that's all we're about.

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Exactly, that's what people who weren't apart of the community don't get. A lot of the time it wasn't even about TRA. face palm

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Yes, exactly this.