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If it was r/radfemtheory, then yes it did get banned. This post might not last long either, but it has a list of the banned:

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Yeah, that was it. Really makes it obvious it wasn't about banning for hate speech at all. We couldn't even be allowed to have a sub to discuss the foundational texts of feminism. They really just didn't want women talking to each other about anything without the menz present.

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yes, it was banned. I was a member there and it's gone now. Tiny sub. But Reddit really had to nuke everything at the same time. If they only got rid of the big radical feminist subs and left the little ones, then everyone would have just streamed into the small ones that still survived. Truelesbians is gone now too. Lesbians having boundaries is hate speech, I guess.

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Enraging! Men get to say who women are & what we can say.

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Possibly, or they might have set it to private.