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I'm a straight person but I think I was peaked by the way TIMs have taken over LGB(++++) spaces. They say that gender is a social construct. But then they say that the "only people who care about distinguishing sex from gender are transphobes". How can you have it both ways? Gender is a social construct literally means sex isn't gender, and that your sex is not important to your gender expression. How can you spread a message of gender being not sex, without distinguishing the two in any way? Either it's a logical fallacy, or I am a lot more stupid than I thought I was. And every "inclusive" space has to support this now or it's transphobic. Men don't have an issue though (as usual), if they don't want to have sex with a vagina they don't. But lesbians who don't want to have sex with a penis? They get death threats. I can't with that.

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I'm straight too, and peaked the same way. When I heard they were pushing feminine (gay) boys to become girls and terms like "cis" lesbian, I thought it was too much. I also know a few lesbians who received dick pics from TiMs and got called transphobe for not wanting to jump on it.

The T movement is erasing LGB kids.

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How can they even use the term cis if they are denying sex based differences? It makes absolutely no sense. Gosh I feel so bad for kids being raised in this bs groupthink mentality. Kids have enough trouble learning to think for themselves, with all the shitty parents and families out there and at least in the US school is also a fucking joke.

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To them, they don't need to make sense. They just need to cry and wail harder. Never forget that a mom in the UK got charged with Trolling for saying that transwomen aren't women.

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i saw a post literally the other day where some TIM or TIM ally was like "sure gonads and genitals and chromosomes are real but putting them into boxes isn't real" like hon.....that's what gender is. that's not sex. you literally said sex was real, then conflated it with gender, and said it wasn't. the doublethink is U N R E A L.

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They can't make up their mind what they want because they value performative femininity too much. The facade of appearing female is their only public facing illusion in pretending they don't have Peni? They had to start out agreeing with transexual people that gender is a social construct because they are pretending to be transexual but now they realize that they lose something if the female gender isn't visually recognizable.

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This. this is why their rethoric makes no sense. Either gender is a construct separate from sex and they can't call themselves women for putting on lipstick and heels, or gender and sex are the same and then feeling like a woman is a disorder, which they also refuse. Like my penii, make up your minds!

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Don't worry they figured out a loophole that they think explains it. From Dr William's essay posted yesterday. "...we have a sense of gender identity which exists independent of both our biological sex and our gendered socialisation". So their "female gender" is innate. Even though they criticize essentialism because there is no "female essence". Except for theirs, apparently. I dunno the topping on the cake for me is always how TIFs never seem to participate in any of this nonsense. I would think more LGB people would be alerted by that.

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Yes, all the logical fallacies, the inability to explain basic concepts on which they base their claims on are ridiculous (e.g. I and lots of others often 'wondered' or asked what a 'woman' is, if not the material reality of being born into a female body, but no one ever gave a real answer beside "it's a feeling", and often it's deemed phobic to even ask). How can anyone take this seriously?

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The quote was from a mod explaining to me why I got banned from a sub for defending GC against the accusation of being gender essentialists. I didn't think I outed myself, I went with the perspective of 'a righteous cause doesn't need to spread misinformation to make a point' and I was still banned and called a TERF for simply supporting factual based debate over smear campaigns. They eventually stopped responding to me because I'm sure they realized they literally couldn't explain how TIMs are not more gender essentialist than we are (because we aren't), nor how you can speak of dismantling socially constructed gender without "distinguishing" it from sex.

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i hate it when you try to get an answer and then you're the bad guy for asking a question. it's like JW or any other cult...they don't want educated people they want blind adherents to give them more power. they don't want you to get it they want you to shut up and donate to their patreon and suck their incel girldicks.

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Trans activism is the biggest Trojan horse for feminism and women's rights I've ever witnessed. I'm so glad it has finally woken you up to what is going on. Once you're red-pilled and on the other side of the matrix, it's ugly and uncomfortable but at least you're not living in a mesh of misogynistic lies any more. You finally get to stop gaslighting yourself.

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They hijacked the LGB first. I've been looking into it and apparently it was already starting since 1977. It's just that women and men before us was able to block it off. It started growing strong around the 90s. Even more when Tumblr became a thing.

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oh completely, yes. i took a red pill waaaay long forever ago, it's been a long time, and while i'm maybe not as intense about it as i used to be, i cannot just sit back and pretend the world isn't sucking liberal dick and pretending to be so woke and better-than-you by doing the same shit they've always done but repackaged under a queer umbrella. like it's so obvious to anyone who thinks about it for more than five seconds. i've maintained for nearly 10 years now that if someone on the inside fucked up and was lambasted and saw everything for what it was...they wouldn't be so quick to scream TWAW on twitter and suck up to people the way they do now. i was like that once but then I saw the light when they turned on me for NOTHING. now there's no damn way i'm going back. it literally IS just like the matrix.

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This. It's just so liberating.

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It’s hard to acknowledge the truth but it dirs set you free.

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Wow, I could have written this myself. Finding GC was a wake up call for me. I had largely just gone along with it, blindly accepting everything I was told so as not to be mean or hurtful.

I became a feminist because I was tired of being shrunken. I was sick of being minimized, of crossing my legs and leaning against the opposite edge of my seat to make room for the "manspreading" individual next to me on the bus. I was done being talked over and being told how to be myself by men and women with internalized misogyny. I was strong!

But then I found GC, and it was a revelation. I realized how much room I had been making for men in my own female spaces! I was, once again, being told how to woman by people who had grown up with male privilege. I was still being shrunken, hushed, and talked over to make room in the conversation for people who, even if they had similar experiences, had chosen to live those experiences. Even still, I never commented or posted. I was grappling between my newfound rage and my indoctrinated beliefs (not to mention fearing the social backlash of saying that sex is biological and gender is bologna).

But seeing GC along with several other feminist subs get erased changed things. Watching trans people dance on the grave of GC while casually ignoring the fact that rape fetish subs were untouched sealed the deal.

I've peaked. I'm here. I won't be silent anymore.

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I realized how much room I had been making for men in my own female spaces! I was, once again, being told how to woman by people who had grown up with male privilege

exactly!!!! male socialztion DOES NOT CHANGE just because you call yourself a woman now. it's not retroactive like that!!! i'm so sick of the gaslighting. "this is a woman's penis" "i was raised like a girl" "i AM a biological woman" "i can menstruate too" could people seriously pull their heads out of their asses for five seconds and think about something OTHER THAN THEMSELVES!!!

ugh and YES why are violent subs like that still okay but GC and feminist spaces aren't?????? it's just more of the internet censoring non-liberal opinions like it always does. i hate it. i'm not a nazi because i recognize trans women are fundamentally different, ok, i'm a person WHO THINKS FOR HERSELF and doesn't just kowtoe to the woke agenda.

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They somehow believe socialization isn't a thing. But they will also say young boys without influence don't turn out more violent than girls, which means they are blaming male violence on socialization. Any female who games online can tell you literally all of us get harassed by at least one guy in every single game we play and we learn that it's just a normal part of being a woman and if we speak out we will be excluded from the whole group, I would really love for them to try to explain that one. Would they make up fake examples of women doing the same thing to men? The only time I saw women instigating creepy online relationships outside of one incident that bordered on pedo turf, they were doing it purely for attention and the guys were what annoying people today would call simps or soyboys. Except they really were pretty much the definition of that and they loved every moment of it. No Woman would have to harass them, if she sent a nude or a sext they would literally debase themselves just to make sure that sexual gratification kept coming for as long as possible.

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I'm certain you're not the only one, either. The more these particular men push, the more they are undermining themselves and they don't even realize it (lucky for us?) They're peaking people right and left now... and right on the heels of J.K. Rowling and Graham Linehan.

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i have no idea who graham linehan is. i saw him mentioned on KF?

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British genx comedy writer. Famous over in the UK. Wrote father ted, IT crowd and black books. He went off a lot, especially on Twitter, not always smart. He’s on spinster.

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Same here. A couple of days ago I thought that I haven't really peaked but slowly became to realize how delusional the regressive left is. But this ban wave... now I know what peaking feels like.

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This MB video has really pushed me over the edge. This is exactly the workplace experience I've had with people in the Q/T community.

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im fortunate that in my last few jobs my dress code has always been roughly the same and gender-neutral. i can't imagine working in heels, let alone a skirt. how can one piece of clothing be both restrictive and make me feel exposed.....

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Love her so much.