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This is terrifying and I'm sorry for everyone who has been dealing with this shit from the front line.
As a clueless male redditor, I never had to deal with the MRA and abuse fetish side of Reddit, or understood its breadth and influence. I've got the first glimpse of it yesterday, when most of the users celebrating GC ban on non-american subreddits turned out to be MRA (cute, they even pretended to care about transphobia before they moved to quoting male suicide statistics and other "men are oppressed" facts)
I quit Reddit when I finally realized that GC purge wasn't simply Reddit acting wokestupid, they selectively targeted feminist content while preserving women abusers and their hateful, coordinated campaigns.

On the bright side, you were the only demographic on reddit that managed to get threats of terf-punching by Bernie Bros, while being accused of reverse-oppression by the Alt right, and that has to be a badge of sanity. Keep up the fight, I hope you will recover from this.

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Don't those idiots have anything better to do? why are they so afraid of women sharing their opinions??

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I don't know, it's really frustrating. I don't understand this world at all.

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They are losers with no life outside their internet pissing matches.

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Yep and what a dumpster fire it is.

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I reported it.

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Thank you I will as well.

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Disgusting ass men just want to control everything

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Yes they have been abusing the brigading and mass reporting to target and systematically shut down feminist spaces on reddit. Odd that they survived the ban wave. Smells like privilege...