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Couched in terms of kink for all things terf. Nice.

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Seriously it was banned? I just dont understand how reddit can be so blatant and people not understand why this is huge issue. Even if GC isnt something you agree with its essentially been a manhunt on us. Even the donald got way more courtesy and respect.

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Has it been deleted already? I can't find it

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"r/AdultFemaleHumanPorn has been banned from Reddit This subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy against creating or repurposing a sub to reconstitute or serve the same objective as a previously banned or quarantined subreddit."

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Someone created Biologyfetish as a subreddit and it was closed down as well. I think that if you want to create something, do so but keep it private at first, then open it up next week or something like that - cause AHS and other groups that wants to remove any and all opinions that doesn't match their own are actively stalking members outside of reddit and they're also watching for new subreddits.

Edit: That said, questioning the decision to mods at reddit might be a good idea, if not only to make reddit mods use up as many resources and as much time as possible into things you don't really care about.

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goddamn it!

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Did reddit delete the new sub already? I just tried to find it & there's nothing in the results.

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I like the idea & your ingenuity!

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Do you have a link? I couldn't find it

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It's already been purged unfortunately.

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Not sure what the obsession is with porn subreddits. The kink subreddits are not banned because they maintain a strict position of fantasy, and ban users who advocate for violence or real-world implications of the fantasies.

GC should not have been banned but it was because it invalidated trans people. There were no overbearing messages of "respect trans people even though you disagree with them" or whatever, unlike the kink porn subs.

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I don't think many fantasies that men have are acceptable though and damaging to women and society. This culture of the left defending violent porn and violent fantasies of men is disturbing and wrong, sex is supposed to be about love, it's not supposed to be about violence.

If men have violent fantasies, they are dangerous.

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I'm not speaking to ethics, but to reddit's decisionmaking process. Their policy isn't to do what's right but to protect their website and brand. There's nothing immediately violent about porn even if it's violent in the long run, so reddit shouldn't care. Subreddits that breed violence towards a certain identity of people though, that can be problematic extremely quickly.

Also iirc women have rape kinks more often than men, so it's best to just say "people"

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Make a porn about degrading transgenders and just fly it off as porn. Let's see how long it will last. If that doesn't survive the ban then they are literally misogynistic and a bigot.

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The thing is, if I wanted to start a subreddit that depicted TIMs getting violently beaten and raped...that would be okay, as long as I said I masturbated to it.

But talking about not wanting TIMs in our rape shelters? Not okay.

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that would be okay, as long as I said I masturbated to it

It's only true porn (TM) if you masturbate to it with your god-given dick. Otherwise, it's politics!

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On r/politically_NSFW, they combine both, and they're allowed to talk about making female politicians cry in gangbangs, having their “pussy and asshole abused to a pulp”, calling Hispanic women “sl*tinas” we need to talk about our “kinks” for various types of shitty, violent, and oppressive men. We need to talk about how we want to see them brutally assaulted as our submissive inferiors so that we can get off properly, how we literally need this porn to survive, since that’s what men say. Then we can sprinkle the “politics” in with the porn to have our real unapproved discussions. We all have to LARP as men to get that holy peen cred with the admins, though. That part is crucial.

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If the TIMs were actors then yeah, it would be okay.

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The problem with porn is that we have no way of knowing who's acting for sure. We don't know for sure who is doing something against their will. And some of the porn that's out there is so obviously real in that a woman is really being hurt.

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Make one!

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There were no overbearing messages of "respect trans people even though you disagree with them"

I got the opposite feel of GC. I never saw any really hateful messages. Nobody wished trans people harm. Saying that if you're born male you are a man is not disrespectful, it's factual. If facts "invalidate" (god i hate that word) trans people, that's their problem not ours.

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The kink subreddits are not banned because they maintain a strict position of fantasy, and ban users who advocate for violence or real-world implications of the fantasies.

They still left the subreddits with obvious involuntary pornography.

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You're a joke. I went to those porn subreddit and read one where women being degraded and it was specifically stated that they didn't want trannys. You're a misogynist and bigot.

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Hahaha first good laugh of the day. You are amazing. Thank you

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ROFL I had the same idea... what if we said that being in AFAB only space is our kink

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I think everyone needs to be mindful right now with making new subs, it’s not just people falsely reporting us as usual but also a sub ban evasion (though that certainly also happens). So far I only don’t understand why Gender_Critical was banned because it was around for several years but not as active and the clowns claimed it was dodging a ban like... no? Maybe reddit just banned it because its also gender critical but it mostly posted news articles, I thought?

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They said it was because of mass reporting.

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Reddit is just kinda throwing ban hammers wildly around at new subs right now. Probably along the lines of "if you ever used posted on a banned subreddit this is a ban evasion sub". There's a bunch posting to /r/modhelp and getting removed.

An example of this:

"I made a subreddit dedicated to brainstorming new weapon concepts for the game Destiny 2. It was 10 members, but only myself and another person actually posted and shared ideas. As these were merely ideas and OC, no copyright issues were present. Well, I tried to post a new idea and it turns out my subreddit got banned 1 day ago for "creating or repurposing a sub to reconstitute or serve the same objective as a previously banned or quarantined subreddit." I have never known of another subreddit dedicated to what I was trying to accomplish with my own subreddit, let alone have I ever been affiliated with one. What I want to know is why I was never warned or notified about my subreddit ban, and why it was banned when it posed no threat. Most of all, I want to know if there is a way to appeal the ban. My subreddit in question is r/KulaxisFoundry"

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How about something like r/genitalfetish or so? After all, we're all genital fetishists, aren't we?

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That's hilarious. Or maybe it could be 'radical feminism fetish'?