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You know, at this stage, one would have to seriously question why they need Reddit in their lives after the obvious contempt Reddit hold towards women. The same goes for Twitter.

Saidit seems to be a perfectly good site, I’m not bound to the internet, perhaps it’s because I’m in my 30s and didn’t grow up enslaved to my Apples. Saidit seems better, forget Reddit!

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Why not just gather in /r/JKRowling? Force reddit to ban the sub dedicated to one of the most commercially successful normie authors of all time.

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TRA mods control it.

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Everybody congregate on the Harry Potter fandoms! They won't shut them down

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Not understanding that clicking on a thread title here can lead you to a link, I visited this sub yesterday, wrote a comment, not knowing I was back on reddit, and within a couple minutes received a message saying that I was banned from the sub.

(This is one difference between said and redd--the thread title can land you directly at another site... which means if you want to stay aboard here, click on the comments.)

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Where are you reading their explanations? Is there some type of feed of statements from reddit to clarify their "reasoning" behind recent bans? Like r/bigchungus, for example.