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All this doublethink can get really hard to bear! It makes me feel like I'm going crazy.

In a Twitter conversation about the differences between women and transwomen, I saw a woman say "I know there are differences but pointing out those differences is one way to delegitimatize trans women." So she's conscious of the fact that in order to legitimise transwomen one has to avoid telling the truth.. but she somehow can't make the leap to seeing how that's really unhealthy??

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It is not anyone's JOB to legitimize someone's fetish or delusion or power grab. Full stop.

Individually, I can certainly decide that a person requires compassion and kindness, even if I disagree with that person. But, I should never be forced or coerced or required to associate with or lie with my own speech. My beliefs and knowledge of reality are just as important as any other person's.

I still reserve the right to state things plainly about people who I believe are trying to wreck ME. As a woman, I have zero time or energy to do anything but speak in plain terms about biological sex and the societal grooming of children into this ideology and the oppression and subjugation of females to males who want outsize and SEXIST control of females. The Cyclepath and Clymer and any other vocal transidentifying activist? They are attacking ME and WOMEN and CHILDREN. So, I have no reason to extend my kindness or compassion to attackers who are trying to destroy me and mine and people I care about. They are males. They are lying. They are not just "trying to survive" or "need to pee."

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Well said. I have no energy left to explain to people that women are human beings and as such have the right to defend ourselves. I'll just jump right over the explanation and go into action.

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I find it funny that most of these conversations happen on social media. I wonder if this woman would say the same thing with a straight face had it been in person... It's just so completely outrageous. Edit: funny in a 'social media is a toxic cesspool way, not in a ha ha way'

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There are clearly GC people posting there but they're being strictly moderated by TRAs and libfems. Which, funnily enough, immediately reminded me of Umbridge and the Inquisitorial Squad.

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The GC people, or the ones who at least agreed with JKR formed another sub to discuss her called r/JoanneRowling. It was a great place with reasonable discussion. It was banned too, under the guise of ban evasion. It existed for at least three weeks before the ban wave came.

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That's literally who they are. Lmao

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I dont know what you're talking about We have always been at war with JKR

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One of the dangers of "cancel culture" is you need to be cancelled or have someone or something you agree with get cancelled in order to see how truly poisonous it is to the advancement of society. Had GC not been "cancelled" can most of you say with certainty that you would be sceptical of cancel culture ?

For me this is the only feminist circle/group that is not praising cancel culture.

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yes, spot on.

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Just in: "Accusing the mod team of making "accusing the mod team of "banning people for supporting JKR"" a warnable offence", is now a warnable offence."

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BPF be like ... come on over to the dark side, we have cookies.

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Wtf. The Reddit admins turned over this sub to men who hate JK Rowling? What is wrong with the Reddit admins. They need to clean house.

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However, people accusing the mod team of "banning people for supporting J.K. Rowling" is a warnable offense, as I warned the poster above you.

So questioning if mods are banning people for supporting J.K Rowling can eventually get you banned.

The team is working to make sure r/jkrowling is a place for free speech, whether people support J.K. Rowling or not. The team also does not allow transphobia, or transphobic speech.

Basically anything can be interpreted as transphobic, and wouldn't supporting J.K Rowling (a famous "transphobe") be transphobic in and of itself? It really is double-speak. What I don't understand is why they are so militant about seeing her as transphobic (I'm still not entirely sure what specific statement caused the mob to attack her), but others don't give a fuck. Blaire White, for instance, has defended her and biological sex. She says the whole point of being trans is because there is a starting point with biological sex and it doesn't make sense for anyone to see that as transphobic.

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CCP alright.