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There's no way I'm referring to any group of people using the word 'scum'. Transmed sounds okay. I do sometimes think we need to be able to distinguish transmedicalists and self-ID people, but TRAs make it hard by calling them all transgender and saying everyone is equally valid. Also, I think those refer to positions, not trans people as such? So yeah, more and clearer words are needed.

However, I'm reading Janice Raymond's 'The Transexual Empire' and Sheila Jeffries 'Gender Hurts' at the moment, and to be honest, even my perception of what it means to be transexual is changing.

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As the silencing, cancelling, coersion and manipulation increases, I find it harder & harder to make ANY consessions. This constant disrespect of boundaries is a huge red flag.

Each time we say, oh, ok, we can protect your feelings the next boundary is pushed. I predict, after the huge backlash, the fullback postion will be pronouns. What harm is using peferred pronouns?

Well ask the police & public looking for a suspect in an assualt ? Or consider each & every time a rape report uses "she". See? Women rape too.

If speech is compelled, I will always say no. And the refusal to hear no, as if anyone needed proof, is such strong evidence of abusive behavior.

I'm terrified we can't find a compromise, that level heads in government will prevail - they're so hard to find.

Bit all over the place, but no, regardless of the reason someone transitions, no matter how closely a man matches the feminine stereotype, he remains a man.