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I decided I don't care about it. I can see merit to both arguments, but in the long run I don't care and prefer to focus on the big topics rather than be divided.

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I thought Fionne's text for her GoFundMe was quite respectful. I've read her* Twitter for a while, and Fionne's never made secret that she's dysphoric. She posted on her personal Twitter, and IMHO, if people want to give to her friend to friend, that's fine. She's not harassing or guilting anyone into giving, and I believe her that she respects the reasons why many people she considers friends will not donate.

However, I thought some women in the comments raised an important point that women's women-related fundraisers should be shared and prioritized more.

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To feminize, I assume? It's stupid, and extra stupid to want to do it now of all pandemic times, but it's his face, he's an adult. It could be worse, some people want horn implants.

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He should do it with his own money, not with donations

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Wrt sourcing funds, I don't see the issue getting it via donations, as long as he's clear what it's for.

Wrt donors who claim to be GC, though it was initially a side-eye moment for me (as much as a gofundme for a woman wanting DD breasts would be), if it helps alleviate his GD, then whatevs, go for it and hope it ends well.

As long as he's hands off women's rights, it's none of my business.

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Horn implants would be awesome, and you know it.

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He shouldn't get womyn to fix his face.