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I shit you not, I had a libfem over on /r/feminism tell me we should have completely unisex facilities even if it ended up in women being victimised because it's more important to be egalitarian and not punish all men for male offending behaviour.

As if men don't have their own facilities.

That was pretty much the point I realised they had completely lost the plot.

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Men are punished because they can't share facilities with women? Well, I guess they are missing out on the longer lines for women's toilets when it's busy.

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Perfecly ok with women being raped or even killed but god forbid a man has his feelings hurt. How the fuck do they even call themselves feminist.

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TRAs comparing their issues to racism is the quickest way for me to get angry. No, you being told you can't use the ladies room isn't oppression.

When have trans people been slaves or have been denied the right to vote? When have trans people been held down for so long that they are at a socioeconomic disadvantage? In fact, they seem to be getting every little thing they want with little to no pushback.

They are riding on the backs of the work that black people, women, and LGB people have done to have equal rights. Now that everyone is afraid to be "canceled", they just submit to TRAs with no question.

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And all those other things didn't need to deny reality and make up weird shit about biology to get their way, or change language.

It's crazy what TRAs demand. Besides, funniest shit is how they are pissing off old school transexuals who actually accept their biology reality and now are caught in the cross-fire and have their real problems mixed in with stupid shit like 'non-binary'.