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Why are people still trying to use reddit though... It banned Gender Critical and kept up horrid porn subs. Women should be jumping off that site in droves.

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Unfortunately its just the easiest for an all in one. I hop over here for you guys in GC but I still enjoy perusing other subs especially for my hobbies. When we get our own womens forum up and running I really hope we can expand so I can get rid of reddit once and for all.

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Yeah, I enjoyed embroidery and such on there, but fuck that site. I ain't touching it anymore.

Doing the right thing, is not always the easy thing.

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Yes. I was practically a Reddit addict and moderated two subs. Quit on principle. Screw them and their misogyny.

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Embroidery, beading, cross stitch, and baking. Gardening and aquariums. Cats.

/s/GenderCritical needs more cat pictures

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You and all GC women should really boycott it. I was a total addict but I’m not I’m not giving the most misogynistic place I know my web traffic.

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All women should boycott it, GC or not. Who the hell would call a period sub a “hate sub”?

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So start your hobby sub over here?

A bit confused why more people aren't doing that. I'm starting a new sub here at saidit, precisely because there's no point in anybody continuing to use reddit for any reason. It's not only the women's subs which are affected, almost every single big sub over there is controlled by a SuperMod who massively controls what gets posted in those groups and consequently, what gets posted to the front page and what is accessible to most redditors.

Build it and they will come. Yes i can see how some subs focused on women's issues won't be able do activism well here, not with the saidit /all rule about engaging with any random troll who appears, but the rest of those subs? Reddit needs to die.

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Same! Counting the days till my account's two weeks old so I can help build over here.

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That’s what I say— leave Reddit like you’d leave a bad boyfriend

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Many people doesn't know any alternatives, and Reddit is most famous and big site of this type. And monopoly never ended well to people.

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So private message anyone over there who you see complaining about the stupid rules over there, and tell them that there's a new thing called saidit.

Easy Peasy

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Yeah, but you can't do that to dozen thousands people reliably.

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We had three mods messaging people, and we only got to a little over 40 users who accepted the invite before we were banned.

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Is there anyway to compile a list of all these women reddit pages being deleted to a news organization? This is just blatant misogny.

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Wish we could all compile a master list of screenshots

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I deleted my account today. It was really hard for me. I learned so much from subreddits on various topics related to my health, the health of my family, coronavirus, etc.

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Bravo. That username is just numbers in a database and it's probably not healthy to get attached to the "karma" anyway.

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Yes. I had a twinge when I deleted mine and my former karma. Most of it was related to GC. It did not feel right to stay.

Karma is meaningless anyway

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Interesting thread on Twitter. I was on board with the idea of taking legal action against Reddit over this. It is clear sexism. However, I was disappointed that it was suggested a 'feminist lawyer' (who would almost certainly be female) should take on the case pro bono. Very few men would be expected to provide their services free of charge. I don't think women who have trained hard to be lawyers should be expected to work out of the kindness of their hearts. Apart from doing women a disservice in their careers, as lawyers are compensated according to how much billable work they bring into their firms, it reduces the pool of lawyers available to take on the case. Furthermore, lawyers willing to work pro bono tend to be less experienced and have to juggle pro bono work with paid work. Consequently, the quality of work often suffers. Crowdfunding is a much better option. (Sorry - appreciate this is something of a derail.)

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I’ve thought of that. The only action that would count for anything would be either a lawsuit or investigation into certain Reddit admins’ child p0rnography habits.

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I wrote that. And while I understand where you're coming from, as it did go through my mind as well, several female and male lawyers messaged me and wanted to help before I even posted that. I also was not comfortable with asking for pro bono, which is why I added waiting to be compensated until after a class action lawsuit was won. I also expressed that I, personally, do not feel comfortable creating a Crowdfund campaign (or being responsible for the money raised) when so many people don't have enough money to feed their kids or pay their bills. If you feel comfortable creating a crowdfund for it, please be my guest. Until one of the attorneys gets back with me about their plan to move forward, I will not be starting any kind of fundraiser until there's a direction for funds to go to.

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Wow that’s rediculous. Maybe on the gender critical website the mods are creating could have sections for specific women’s health issues like PCOS and others

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lmao good luck with lipstick alley, I lurk there and they do not give a solitary fuck about trans feefees!

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God yes! I'm not a regular lurker but I have visited over the years and they are NOT the type to delete posts and stuff because one side of the debate doesn't like it. They skew towards a black, older than reddit demographic which would have to be both terrifying and outrage inducing for the pink haired teenagers who are used to being able to get someone's account deleted with a single click of a button.

I might have to go register over there just to watch the circus.

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Someone in there claimed I tried to open a bunch of TERF subs under the guise of women's health. For the record, that's literally the only sub I've ever created or modded in my 10 years on reddit. And we were actually just talking about our periods there. They're so narcissistic, thinking every private women centered sub is about them. The way they talk about women's health, really shows how far from womanhood they actually are. Disgusting men.

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It's like a witch-finding hunt, and they're not even subtle about it. It's as if you're branded for life.

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A new sub was made for women, it's called ThePowderRoom, I'm a mod there

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On Reddit? Don’t advertise here or AHS will come after you. Honestly; women should avoid that place for the time being in terms of having accounts and posting.

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Sort of agree but the creator promoted it on Reddit (GCguys) and we weren't in today's ban wave at least, we have around 400 subs now

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It won’t last long, I’m afraid.

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I hope you have an alternate name on reddit, because they're watching saidit.

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I don't, I know it would be safer but I don't care anymore

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Keep screenshots! Keep an account of what happens... so if they come after you, you have some kind of track record to prove it. I can't help but think their masstagging of users violates privacy laws in places like Europe. At least you could blast it on other social media to call them out on their bullshit

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The abusive reports on all our posts are starting to increase so yeah it doesn't feel like it's going to survive much longer. I don't think it breaks any laws because it's not real names used or real identities, just an username

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Screen shots! Report harassment to reddit (not that it'll do much).. or "abuse of report button".

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Lol. I wonder how the power mods will justify banning it when many of the posters identify as WOC. I was just thinking how ludicrous it is for trans women to claim they are women. It’s like me getting my skin tattooed into a darker color and claiming I understand what it’s like to be a WOC in the US.
If you’re not born and raised in those situations; there’s no way you can truly understand.

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I agree but they just banned truelesbians so they clearly don't care about minorities of any kind except trans

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They also banned gc_woc, which I joined after gendercritical was banned. It had maybe 1500 people, went private, and got the axe

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Looks promising, I just subbed.

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Reddit and TRAs have exposed how much they hate women this past week. They've banned women from talking about our rights and biology, but not banned subs which shows violence towards women. These men who call themselves women are more offended at women talking than about actual violence towards women...says it all really.

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come to ruqqus to talk freely about Women's Health!

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These people are fucking insane.

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Holy shit. The times we live in are cursed, goddammit.

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Reddit is just a hellhole. I'm never going back there again. In fact I'm going to deactivate my account! That will feel so good

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Well, that's one way to peak trans the masses.