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The usual threats of death, sexual violence and misogynistic name-calling are conspicuously absent from his twitter. It's almost as if there's some kind of difference between Mr. Cleese and someone like J.K. Rowling. I wonder what it could be...

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They give themselves away with this when they attack women and not men. It's also an indication that they are full of it and know exactly what a man and a woman is.

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I mean, if they didn't, they wouldn't need to transition, lmao. The funniest thing is the way they are so stuck on the binary when they claim sex is a spectrum and all. 'transwomen are women' 'transmen are men'.

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She isn't identifying as a male enough, of course

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It's almost as if, in their primitive minds, a woman is an easy target but attacking another man means you're competing with another male for the alpha position. And yet these primitive idiots are the same people who claim gender is only a social construct.

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The best thing about this was that I've been following Cleese's twitter since the whole JKR thing started and I really believe he was approaching the topic in good faith, in a "Hey I don't see the issue but maybe I'm missing something, let's talk about it!" kinda way, but the engagement from TRAs in response to his questions drove him to peak instead of sympathising with them.

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It always does. Most of us were TWAW-accepting/libfems before we started thinking and asking genuine questions, then received nothing but abuse, silencing and anti-science BS in return. Then someone calls us a TERF, we look it up and agree.

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Or similarly, someone on the outside hears about these evil "TERF"s for the 500th time and decides to finally look into what they are, only to realize there is nothing abnormal or outrageous about the idea that men aren't women.

That is what happened to me years ago, and what is happening to so many people right now, judging by the sheer amount of times I read "what is a TERF?" in twitter replies, youtube comments, etc etc even post-JKRowling-trending. Most people still don't know what a TERF is, but their natural curiosity will lead them to peek behind the curtains soon enough.

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The fact that there are popular media articles who basically make fun of the assertion that women are subordinated by men is what is so fucked up about this. Those media outlets typically describe TERF's as believing women are intentionally put down by men. Well, they fucking are. That's a fact.

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I'm on this boat, pass the paddle.

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Let’s be real, the responses to his questions were fucking insane and the volume of the insanity meant that he had no choice but to peak. Anyone who engages with the thinking and tries to understand it has no choice but to peak.

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Bloody hell! That was prophetic of everything we see today. I think Life Of Brian was from 1979. Impressive.

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One of the tweets replying to him: "Wow John. This is so clever. I guess you cancelled trans people today.

But you know what I would respect even more? If you just came out and told people like me to die. I mean, at least there's honor in representing what you actually stand for without social quips to 5M+ people."

They are always so dramatic

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Plenty of trans women tell any woman who disagrees with literally anything they say to die. I think they want GC people to actually stoop to their level so they can actually back up the claims of "TERFs just want us to die they always threaten us uwu"

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So dramatic and SO snarky. I've never seen a trans person on twitter who doesn't have their snark meter cranked to 500%. They're unable to just talk normally, they have to over-dramaticize everything and inject sarcasm and snark into every other word in a sentence. My god, don't they get tired of it? Why do they even talk to other people if they hate everyone outside of their circle? Why not just private their accounts?

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Like who is going to receive messages like that and not just entrench themselves in their tervenness? It’s inevitable. TRAs are what peak us. GC ideology just has answers for what the f is going on.

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that's true. I had a weird feeling and had been stewing on it for years. then I finally did some research, came out GC

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I'm amazed that there are so many openly GC comments on that thread! Hundreds of women speaking out about their experiences.

Edit: There's one woman saying that TRAs are encouraging people to disrupt a fundraiser for Vancouver Rape Relief, along with self defence classes that they run.

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British women seem way more open about it. I follow so many British women on twitter about it, lol, even though I'm Canadian and try to find Canadian women...

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When I read Mumsnet, I notice women are much more forthright in saying what they think - compared to a typical American lefty commenter section, where women craft sentences with visible effort not to offend anyone or get called out. There tend to be more opening apologies like "I realize I'm just a white cis privileged nobody, and please don't hate me, but just possibly I've noticed..." The difference fascinates me. Their threads are quite bold and refreshing.

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I think woke culture is primarily a thing among the American left-wing. It is a thing in Europe as well but I think not quite to the same extent and I've certianly not seen the same kind of TRA movement. Tbh most people I come across view homo/bisexuality as ok but transsexuals still as fucking weirdos.

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They don't call the British Isles TERF Island for nothing. :)

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I always wondered why John Cleese was SO, so hated among libfems... That was before I understood anything about the true depths of the gender ideology.

Now it all makes sense.

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I always loved how John Cleese presented good points for his opinions. Even if you don't agree you always understand why he thinks like that.

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I love his keen sense of wit, but really, who doesn't? I'm glad to see him spreading rationality tempered with good humor. And add me to those who are noticing how conspicuously absent the backlash has been for him compared to women like JK?

Perhaps JK should announce that she identifies as a man so that she can identify out of receiving misogynistic backlash?

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Perhaps JK should announce that she identifies as a man so that she can identify out of receiving misogynistic backlash?

Wouldn't work. Even the most fervid TRA knows exactly that transmen are women and transwomen are men. They just work really hard to deny it.

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This is great news! Now hoping for Ricky Gervais to take a break from promoting his new show and say something...But I fear he’s not as courageous as he tries to come across. Stephen Fry is another that I don’t think has said anything in defence of JK Rowling?

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Was thinking about Gervais too. He did make that joke about Caitlyn Jenner in the Golden Globes that was already supposedly super horrible, heh... but he is really an animal rights guy more than anything. He has spoken out before against cancel culture and thought policing though, which makes me hopeful.

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You'd think because he is an animal rights guy he'd be condemning gender ideology. Because a) there's no hope for animal rights if women don't have rights, and b) gender ideology is about denying biology and the natural world.

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I think everyone also has the right to pick their battles. I'm a bit tired of this "NOW GIVE US YOUR OPINION ON X, Y AND Z" and the celebrities who have to answer these things are always condemned, no matter what they say. Some of them seem genuine, some uninformed, some blinded, some confused, some just appear to have no idea what the discussion is even about (like many regular people). Gervais has already done a lot on the animal activism front, and to belittle those achievements because he hasn't yet said anything to defend JKR is a bit silly.

If he wants to not be CANCELLED all the time - as he has been - and instead stay quiet entirely, then I much prefer that to some half-assed statement about TWAW.

(Personally I tend to believe he is looking at those tweets attacking JKR and chuckling "those idiot twats... what morons" and then goes out on a walk with Jane and all her friends.)

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Stephen fry once said that women don't like sex so I wouldn't have much hope for him to speak up against anything sexist, it would be most helpful for gervais to speak up though

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Sanity. Please let it be contagious.

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Their narrative seems to falling apart bit by bit in the UK. And not a moment too soon. The widespread censorship demanded by these people just to preserve their delusions/deception is unbearable.

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I have come to realize that no compromise will ever be acceptable by the most fervent trans activists, and every surrender simply moves the goal posts. That is what turned me away from trying to be nice and inclusive and accommodating.

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yes, this is the crucial thing to realise.

[–][deleted] 14 insightful - 2 fun14 insightful - 1 fun15 insightful - 2 fun -  (4 children) Never heard of him, but now a fan. Quite witty from the looks of his tweets

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OH you are so missing out. He did a lot of comedy and was part of the Monty Python comedy group who made a few hilarious movies like the life of Bryan.

His long talks are always very interesting and there are few of them on youtube. It's always a funny and deeply insightful time.

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You didn't know about the amazing John Cleese?? Here he is in a comedy sketch about a man who claims he's a woman:

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The UK seems to be leading the way. Are there any GC celebrities speaking out in the States?

Also, I love the trans people coming out in support of GC. Honesty and reality, do what you want but leave others out of it.

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Was a fan of Cleese and I still am. I’m glad that he has peaked for his own benefit.

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John Cleese has always been a tall, brilliant, privately-educated condescending ass of an Englishman. He can just lean in to the criticisms leveled at him without losing any support.

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This is another twitter thread I'm enjoying: