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Jk Rowling is a hero. She's conducting herself with dignity while the rest froth at the mouth and try to tweet porn at her to get her banned. Normal people are waking up that it's gone too far when the definition of woman is transphobic. Hopefully this will begin to turn the tide worldwide. If she didn't have so much money, name-power, fans, and being uncancel-able, this could have gone a very different way.

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Indeed I have so much love and respect for her at this moment.

And this news is outstanding. Hopefully the bbc will make some programs about delving deeper in how those movements are bad.

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The violence they show in the name of activism always shocks me. Sometimes I wake up thinking "maybe TRAs are not that bad, not all of them hate women, they're just trying to live their lives in peace", but time and time again they expose themselves as violent misogynists and it sends me all the way back to terfdom.

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agreed. I dare one of these TRA to spend 30 minutes on reddit and try to debate their own and they will see how vicious and disgusting they act. Biology isn't mutable and the rights of the sex shouldn't be tossed aside for a "gender identity"

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read a rumour on Mumsnet that the Times is about to break a big scandal of some sort, probably to do with transing of children. Speculation that the BBC is aware and trying to distance themselves before the story breaks. No idea if any of it is true. However, let's not let places like the BBC weasel their way out if that's what they're trying to do. They've been a big source of supporting this crap for years.

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"They've been a big source of supporting this crap for years."

And that's why I think there must be a very good reason for this. Possibly a strong "recommendation" from their legal department. Usually, when people have aligned themselves to a cause and are convinced that they are on "the right side of history" they double down and triple down.

To silently backpadel like this looks a lot like covering their arses to me.

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I read something on twitter yesterday about how the BBC has just issued official 'guidance' to its employees on how they should include their 'preferred pronouns' on their email sign-offs. The BBC are still actively pushing this gender bullshit at anyone they can, starting with their own staff.

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I was just thinking to myself if there was some huge scandal on the horizon that caused the BBC to drop them.

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...." an internal survey conducted by the BBC suggests that over 400 transgender people are employed by the corporation: in other words, transgender people are four times more likely to be employed at the BBC than found within the general population. Media coverage of transgender issues is out of all proportion to the actual number of transgender people. "

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I think the UK has peaked more so than North America. The mass exodus at the Tavistock clinic was hard for the general public to ignore.

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The US in particular got off to a bad start with the religious right here pitching a fit about bathrooms. They were so rabid it soured a lot of people and got the TWAW thing kicked off here as a response, mainly. We don't have a Tavistock, but enough people keep bragging that they got on our government healthcare to transition due to "discrimination", and it'll go the same direction.

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I think it's a problem that in the US the main opposition to TWAW has been (still is?) from religious nutjobs like the Duggars. This is different in the UK so they are making more progress now. And thank goodness for JK Rowling.

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Yeah the political landscape over here is very different to America. Plus I think even our bathroom debate is different. American toilet stalls have almost no privacy where as in the UK our doors have very little gaps and there was already alot of single use/unisex loos. I think that's why when the "bathroom debate" was raging on we didn't get it.

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It really is. Few want to be associated with that sort here in the US, but honestly, the more vocal the Kids Who Live On Tumblr TRAs get, the more people are really starting to wonder.

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Interesting. There seems to be a lot of support on Twitter for questioning TRA ideology. I’m sure the other side just hasn’t found it, but I’m glad we’re not alone.

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It's insane how abusive a lot of the pro trans tweets are. I looked at the JK account, it was vicious.

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I think since trans ideology is currently trendy, its gave left wing misogynistic men an outlet for their misogyny without any repercussions.

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spot on.

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They still can't answer how a transwoman is a woman. Never. Not a single person.

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Not beyond “if she identifies as a woman then she’s a woman” bullshit anyway

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Because he “he said so, that’s why”. We are just supposed to pretend along with their delusion.

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The BBC recently did an expose about the trans-ing of children. I wonder if they uncovered something even bigger?

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The UK thought bubble seems to be popping. Too bad the T seems to be dragging the LGB down with it..

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I hope so. A lot of our politicians still seem to be oblivious though.

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The tweet says "sounds like the bbc actually watched Panorama". Where can I find this, a quick google search didn't bring it up.

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Maybe meant this piece on Newsnight -