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They saw it coming. I was posting there yesterday, they knew the mob was coming, they were getting a lot if weird hateful spam.

There were two things wrong with that sub as far as TRAs and Reddit were concerned.

A: they point out that people do detransition.

This is heresy. TRAs claim that trans people have be an innate gender identity and that virtually no one desists or detransitions. A lot of them posting were openly critical of the trans pipeline the teens are being shunted into. A lot had effectively become TERFs because if their experience.

B: a lot of the detrans mtf were open about their autogynephillia and posted about it.

TRAs have been pushing autogynephillia as a TERF 'fetish', having a lot of testimonials easily accessible from AGP cases really screwed that up.

Sad thing was I didn't once see any post that was hateful, or used dehumanising language etc.

I'll see if I can help lure them over here.

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So has r/LGBdroptheT
When will the wrongthink ever end?

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I lurked in LGBdroptheT every now and then, that sub really did not qualify as a hate sub. There were plenty of people over there that didn't even outright disagree with the T, they just thought since it's about gender and not sexuality that the two should be kept separate.

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Gendercriticalguys & lgbdropthet also seem to be banned. So is Terfisaslur. Yeah that won’t peak people at all.

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That is disgusting

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It's a particularly nasty banning is this one. A lot of vunerable kids, detransitioning, starting to ask questions - an important place of support for them. A few of them are posting on twitter at the moment about how important it was.

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Yeah, this was about their experience with the medical industry. How disturbing is it that a particular group of people is not allowed to discuss the medical abuse they subjected to? Disgraceful.

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I'm confused as I saw it get banned when I was on Reddit, but now it appears to be back again?!

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They've got two new mods this week. I wonder if they needed "acceptable" mods to stay open.

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Glad it's back up, much needed support sub for actual detrans people.