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I'm very glad you woke up from the trance of trans propaganda!

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I can't believe Tumblr is still around! I tried to use it as a teen but couldn't understand anything so I quit. Thought it was dead now.

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It's pretty much dead. I tried making a new account last year because I wanted to participate in a fandom, but it's been completely taken over by the trans cult and I just don't have the energy to deal with that shit anymore.

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The popular tags are still holding strong, there’s still a lot of nice art there! Just ignore the suddenly trans characters

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I was there for all of one month, if that, years ago. It's really not something I'm bothered about. But I can imagine how it must be for people who like Tumblr.

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Tumblr made me believe I was nonbinary because I've never had a magical gender feeling in my entire life. I'm grateful I found radical feminism.

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Glad you didn't have your mind kidnapped by that cult.

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I was very tomboyish as a kid, so around the time I was 13, thanks to these certain types of people, I was convinced I was either nonbinary or a transman. I was very confused for about a year, but then I started to realize just how much I absolutely love being a girl. If there was any sort of silver lining to that situation, it made me prouder to be a woman than I ever was before.

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Same, I thought I wanted to transition from FtM, turns out I was completely wrong, I love being a woman!

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I never used Tumblr. I have no idea what went on in Tumblr, but so many Tumblr kids are fucked up.

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Yeah, the majority of tunblr blogs I follow have many mental disorders, I dont think I've seen one that didnt have one.

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I used to reblog Xmen fanart and I noticed that many characters there are being transed too. I believe the artists are mostly children, and mostly girls (judging by the 'soft bois' kinda thing).

I saw months ago a fanart of Gambit (of all the characters! Lmao) wearing a miniskirt and trans flags, I think there was something about him being demi-something, idk. I just went "nope." and never went there again. I remember when people used to headcanon him as bisexual.. guess this isn't enough now.

What saddens me in all of this is that we never had many tomboy characters and now we have even less (think of Buttercup being transed few years back), and the girls and women are being replaced by men.

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The weirdest part to me about them making characters transgender is that I've often seen them making female characters into transwomen.

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Tumblr also had me wondering if I was a trans man for a little while in my early 20s and it was because of internalized misogyny.