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You should see the downvoting on the 'inclusive language' stickied post. The women aren't amused.

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I hope they abandon that shitsite en masse.

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Same. Honestly, it's getting tiring pretty fast seeing people complaining about what new thing Reddit did. Like, it shouldn't be a surprise anymore. Leave the damn site.

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Exactly. Dump Reddit. If you’re a woman and ever posted on a so-called “hate sub”, your account isn’t safe. You’re being tracked.

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They are out of their minds. My favorite comment from that thread is

“A lot of trans women identify as biologically female. Saying "XY is biologically male" is rooted in transphobia”

Excuse me? That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

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Yesterday a woman on r/ActuallyLesbian was literally harassed for saying that she supports trans women but isn't attracted to them. Apparently it's not enough to support them, you have to fuck them, otherwise you're "transphobic"

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That sub is a joke. It's surprising how many lesbians still have their eyes closed about what's going on. They really think they're being supportive and fighting transphobia and terfs. Lol. To them, I would advise to just disagree with something trans people say/do, and then see how they'll be treated.

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I don't get why TRA need to hijack r/ActuallyLesbian too. I mean, literally half of the content on r/actuallesbians (the biggest "lesbian" subreddit) is about "transbians".

That's why I'm glad r/LesbianActually exists. It's a little sub, but neutral. There it's allowed to say "I'm a lesbian but I'm repulsed by dicks" without having the TRA scream "transphobia !!" What's funny is that a lot of bi/lesbian women got cancelled on reddit, because even though you support trans ppl and agree that trans women are women, TRA will still go through your post history to call you an evil "terf". Because disagreeing with them, even on a minor issue, is not possible. It's like it's a cult.

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I don't get why TRA need to hijack r/ActuallyLesbian too.

The very existence of women and lesbians invalidate them, so like typical men who can't handle no, they have to erase all evidence of our existence. They can't help themselves and they'll only get worse, until everyone puts their foot down and puts them back in their place.

The ultimate validation to a TW is if a lesbian fucks them- that must mean they're a real woman. They have so much of their male entitlement and socialization, they never stop to think or care about how that hurts others.

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I didn't think it was true, but what I witnessed today on reddit about "if you don't want to date trans women, that means you hate us" discourse, it's that it reeks of male entitlement. Even incelly behaviour dare I say.

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They have an agenda. They hate women.

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If they hate us so much, why do they want to date us so bad ? 😌 Just date another trans woman, since they're so brave and stunning, lol

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I find it really hilarious that some of them can't find men to date them. Strange, I'm almost 40 and I'm sure a lot of men won't date me, but I don't call them "bigots" and threaten to hit them because they don't find me attractive.

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I've just read a thread on AskFeminists about a straight man refusing to date trans women. He said he still respects them and uses correct pronouns. Yet, he isn't sexually attracted to them. The irony is that he is considered transphobic, and some redditor even said that lesbians refusing to date men is prejudice too. Homophobia is now woke ™

Starting to think that intersectionality is just an excuse for men to hijack feminism, and take us wayyy back

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They want to steer the narrative.

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I remember first being introduced to gender critical feminism and being in complete agreement with the push back against gender essentialism but thinking everything else was going too far because I couldn’t imagine that liberal feminists and TRAs were actually saying all that crazy stuff. Like lesbians not wanting to date transwomen was transphobic. Or you don’t need dysphoria to be trans. Or sex isn’t real. Or “there’s debate about whether trans women were born male”. It sounded like strawmen that were too out there to be real.

It turns out that it’s all true though! In the last two weeks since the first reddit ban, I’ve seen multiple examples of every statement above, and not in fringe spaces either.

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Honestly, I've always said that I wasn't GC and that I was pro trans rights, but even acknowledging that trans women are women and that I wouldn't mind dating trans ppl don't change their opinions about me being a "terf". Because I post on true bisexuals, because I say that sex is real, that lesbians don't suck dick, that ppl not dating trans ppl is their CHOICE and should be respected.

They are literally getting rid of cis bi and lesbian women on LGBT online spaces. Because if you forgot to include trans folks in your post, you're a bigot or you are "obsessed with genitals" lol.

It's crazy that reddit stands for TRA, whereas they only make for 0,6% of the USA population

I also thought that trans women saying that not dating them is transphobic was a terf myth, yet I witnessed it today, and everyone disagreeing gets called a bigot and phobe, or ppl are tiptoeing around their precious feelings. It honestly reminded me of the behaviour of certain men irl.

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And they say women aren’t cut out for STEM. Seems like dudebros and their allies can’t get biology straight.

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I was on reddit for years before I found GC. In fact, I had already QUIT reddit because I was fucking sick of the pro porn libfem bullshit in every female sub (and the sexism and misogyny in every other sub!). I only joined reddit again after discovering GC from googling "transgenderism is bullshit" a million different ways until I found a post lol.

TERFs are everywhere. TERFs are the majority. And they KNOW it. That's why they silence us. They have to pretend everyone agrees with them to trick people into thinking something is wrong with them for not buying it. They are gaslighting everyone and it's insane.

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If you had to google so often it means Google didn’t want you to find it. They are part of the censorship and were part of the coordinated banwave. When you seek something considered controversial try a different search engine. Good thing there are many of them 🙃

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It was sad when I tried a russian search engine today and was pleasantly surprised. It reminded me of old-school google. Probably not the safest choice, but search results were more varied with different opinions.

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What's the Russian search engine called?

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I found GC when someone I agreed with on reddit got called a TERF. I had been on reddit already for years and quietly disagreed with all the TRA crap. I just couldn't verbalize what exactly felt so wrong about it all until I found GC.

You are absolutely right that most people are GC, or at least don't buy into gender theory. But it is super important for there to be a resource where GC ideas are laid out, so people can learn and understand why gender theory is so wrong.

I keep checking here in the hopes there will be an announcement of a GC only space somewhere....

Maybe we can take this site over from the right wingers and loonies and push them out, IDK.

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Use Duckduckgo! At least as of now, they're not part of the censorship...yet.

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Most people know what a man and woman are. Most people just don't realize how much the trans community is trying to deny that sex exists.

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I had absolutely no problem with trans people before I found out they were denying biology and literally saying men could be females and lesbians had to give dick a go.

I found out about the shitstorm because of the abuse JKR received from them. I try not to dislike them, but it's very hard when so many of them are such abusive, reality denying fuckwits.

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Many of us didn't. I was very much a "live and let live" person, supporting individual trans people I'd meet....until I met the "butch transbian" (aka straight guy, male clothes, buzz cut but a "female/female" symbol necklace" who started ranting at me about how "all lesbians are transphobic" for not sleeping with him. Even then I thought it was an encounter with an isolated narcissist.....until I tried to "get more involved in the lesbian community" on the internet. Fast forward a year or two, and we have this. And I'm scrolling through social media feeds of straight woman after straight woman libfem ranting about JK Rowling and how transwomen are such poor victims, knowing the cancellation I'd face professionally and socially for saying anything.

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Yeah. Tbh, before joining Reddit's LGBT communities, I supported trans ppl unconditionally. Now that I'm questioning the narrative pushed on us, the "not dating trans women is transphobia" tweets posted by cis libfems women, well, I'm not so sure about unconditional support anymore.

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If I ever had a negative opinion of them, I definitely do NOW after these past two weeks!

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They've done a good job trying to spread the idea that they're completely harmless to everybody else and just want to live in peace with their pronouns because they're simply people who feel they were born in the same gender. From that perspective- live and let live- it's difficult to object without seeming like a bigot. And I feel like many people haven't wised up to the fact that that's an oversimplification (true for some I'm sure but definitely not the TRAs) and that the trans community as a whole has much deeper issues than that. Personally from what I've seen from the T community and the more I see from it, I have a very difficult time not viewing transsexuality as either a mental illness or a fetish. And the whole JKR thing where I see people making the most ridiculous takes and plain making accusations up isn't doing anything to improve that.

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Why would "terfs" brigade PCOS...?

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They brigaded themselves somehow. Yeah. That's the ticket.

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being GC is really a default way of thinking. Genderist way of thinking requires mental gymnastics actually, lol

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These transactivists automatically think average women are "TERFS!" which is terrifying considering how violent and vile they seem to be.

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Yeah, nothing to see here, just a bunch of self-entitled dudes who desire, despise and pornify women all at the same time... And can never think there just MIGHT be something wrong with themselves. No sir. (Or is it ma'am?! I'm sorry if I misgendered anyone. Clearly these gender morons are all ballsacks - soft, kinda iffy, super sensitive, and attached to a human male.)

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Right? This is thing. They act like being gender critical (aka "terf") is like... some odd, strange EVIL fucking thing, when in truth, it's just like... biology and something humans have always known.

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There are SO MANY NEWS ARTICLES in the media, put out with the help of Reddit PR, that both malign Gender Critical AND falsely claim we all brigaded their subs en masse, attacked their mods, etc. I can't speak for every poster on GC, but I hardly think the majority of us had the time, resources or motivation to do things like this. I honestly rarely ever thought of the trans issue until the Reddit pogrom. If I ever had a bias against them, I certainly do NOW.

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Those subs were brigaded by TransRights Activists, and the members rose up to defend them.

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The terfening is coming from inside the house!

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Yep, go ahead and tell a random sample of people, both men and women, that men can have periods and that they can get pregnant and see how many will take you seriously.

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I see them ranting and raving that the 'TERFS' have disbanded and now distributed all across Reddit. They are fuming at the gay male subs being full of transphobes. They never stop to consider that maybe people just disagree with them.

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I remember people were worried the same phenomena would happen when the donald was quarantined. Maybe it's just because of where I hung out, but I really didn't see that happen. Apparently they just all fucked off to voat.

For us, GC was just a haven away from the gender police. Like, I was into embroidery and parenting before I found GC. Not the other way around. Like, oh shit, GC is gone, where am I going to complain about teething and share my finished object?

By the way, and I mentioned this in GC before, embroidery was hit by the trans agenda a few months ago. Someone made the shittiest embroidered grocery sack and it got way more attention than what is normal for embroidery traffic. I'm not just saying it was shitty to be petty. It was done very, very poorly. If anyone remembers the MUA sissy who got a bunch of praise for blue eye smudges, you know what I mean.

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Exactly. The threads I followed were NOT about trans issues because until now, I hadn’t been effected by any of them in a negative way.

Those of us in the US who are not in academia or who have pink collar low wage women’s work jobs, or who live in rural areas probably don’t encounter them very often.

The majority of threads were not about them. Sometimes there were bizarrely angry threads (right before the ban there were a ton) and I wonder if they were planted to “justify“ banning us.

I think GC was targeted also because high up trans activists were called out on there in the past for sexual assault, pedophilia, etc..

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Yeah funny no one is calling for their death here and now on said it, when this is arguably the best representation of the radfems on r/GC and I’m guessing is less moderated. The “crazies” or bad behavior on r/GC may have well been instigators.

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I was always suspicious of accounts that seemed to have extreme points of view on GC. Some women do in fact have some extreme views, as I could see by their consistent post histories. But a lot of was hard to say. For a time there were a bunch of pretty mean memes on Troll GC that drew trans people as incredibly disgusting, the way an elementary school kid might draw stink lines around a drawing of their least favorite teacher. I found a lot of those to be fishy and not funny.

For the most part GC was incredibly reasonable, kind, and more inclusive than any other sub centered around an ideology, politics, or cause.

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I wouldn't be shocked if some of that was a plant. I did see an extensive thread on someone from twitter who had screenshots of the pro male collective discord conspiring to target "feminist" subs. This was like a two-prong attack by incels with and without dresses.

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It’s bullshit, and you know it’s a lie when they say it’s our posters flooding them. The Reddit admins know they’re ether full of it, or that the so-called GC and Neo-Natsee brigadiers could easily be paid political bots trolling them. You can literally buy old Reddit accounts and Reddit gold online. There’s no saying some other think tank or political entity isn’t spamming them- that’s IF they’re not lying about brigades and/or overblowing the amount of dissenting posters.

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The asinine part is even women who aren't radfem are being called TERFS because they want their own spaces and rights protected.

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And discussion that doesn’t adhere to their transwomen are superior to women mantra = TERF to them.

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They want their spaces protected and everyone else's. There's no such thing as a safe space for anyone but transwomen. "If it isn't for or about me, I will use my massive privilege to destroy it."

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They are creating a narrative out of whole cloth to attempt to justify what they did.

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The number one rule of r/GC was no brigading!!! FFS.

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I don't think the downvotes are from radfems. They're from different types of people who can see the BS. AL always complains about the downvotes but I think that most "cis" users there are fine with TW there but don't want to date them and are sick of their boowoo terfs circlejerk

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They were the ones brigading lol, r/truebisexuals got brigaded yesterday. I had a charming "bi cis male" mansplaining to me how hateful and transphobic I am (just said that the original definition of bisexuality shouldn't be considered bigoted)

How many much safe spaces could they possibly want ?

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It's so weird bc all over I've been seeing subs say watch out for the TERFs bc now they'll brigade here. Hello, dumbasses, TERFs are just regular women. All they're really doing is trying to scare the women there so they don't step out of line. We already post everywhere and most of us don't even know we're TERFs until we say something that makes the TRAs mad. They've created such ridiculous echo chambers that they're just so out of touch. The TERFs live amongst them!

It's all just so stupid. Its so confusing why a woman suffering with PCOS doesn't think she's only a woman bc how she feels in her mind and that being female is not a spectrum. On another note, one TRA shared the "sex spectrum" w/ me, and it indicated that women w/ PCOC weren't fully women, they were in the middle of the so called spectrum.

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If I had PCOS, I would feel inclined to bop someone for saying I wasn't a woman because of my condition. Hell, I feel inclined to bop them when they imply I'm less of a woman because I wear comfortable clothing and don't waste my time and energy with the toxic cesspool that is beauty and diet culture.

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FemaleDatingStrategy hasn't been banned yet and it's ALLLLLL TERFs.

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I've made a point of commenting on misogynistic comments on reddit ever since the bans. Previously I would more often downvote and move on, but since they've silenced my favorite subs, I have felt that it is important to be heard.

What's interesting is that although I do often get a lot of downvotes, it's not always the case! Sometimes it's surprising the places where I get upvotes for making GC points.

As much as I would like to quit reddit-- it's a cesspool-- I actually am sort of enjoying the fights with libfems and TRAs there.

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There are articles from pedo-transwomen activists online who claim GC people brigaded their subs, etc.. As if most of us had the time, money or interest in doing that.

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One thing the detractors refuse to internalize because it’s inconvenient for them is how we have to use alt accounts to discuss GC issues and keep it separate from our personal accounts. This is because of the constant threat of TRAs to our wellbeing and livelihood. So they call troll and brigade when it’s just our alt accounts that we have to use. Plus I reviewed some of the histories of users standing up to the TRAs in r/PCOS and they were regular posters there. So this is a lazy and pernicious lie all around.

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There was some antihate group on reddit (cant remember the full name) where they were gloating about this cancel culture nonsense.

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Against hate subreddits... large number of trans activist mods with a ton of power

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I have a dumb question, bc after thinking about this, none of this makes any sense. Why would transmen even be on a PCOS sub? Aren't their hormonal issues self inflicted and in a sense, desired? Why would they even need support from a PCOS support group?

Isn't PCOS, in general, triggering to anyone claiming trans, since you have to have OVARIES to have it anyway? There is no credible explanation on WHY a PCOS support sub would even need to be inclusive. It's an oxymoron. The absolute only reason they could complain about a PCOS support group is bc the existence of it is evidence that female exists. So women can't talk about PCOS bc sex organs invalidate trans people, and we're supposed to actually buy this doesn't hurt women.

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Because only women are diagnosed with PCOS. It's transwomen who object to being left out of the space and identify as women with hormonal imbalances. You've got to adapt the backwards think of gender ideology. A. Women can't have anything unless transwomen have it too (regardless of how useless or awful it is), and B. If transwomen are biologically female but have excessive body hair, low estrogen, etcetc, then it's due to hormonal imbalance and not intrinsic to sex.

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PCOS causes hormonal problems with hormones other than testosterone, and arguably those are more common and dangerous. So even if a TIF is injecting T on purpose, she could be going there for support related to other PCOS symptoms like hyperinsulemia and hypercortisolism, which can lead to diabetes, severe anxiety/depression, insomnia, etc. I have PCOS but I don't have hirsutism, balding, weight gain mainly in my stomach, or any of the other symptoms that "make women look more male" except I build large muscle much easier. But it is really debilitating in other ways and has rendered me nearly disabled.

Lots of TIFs and enbys dont even take T anyway, they just "identify" as non-women.

[–]terfy_delight 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Thanks for the info about PCOS. Im sorry to hear how it has caused you so many problems.

[–]Iced_Iced_Vovo 5 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 0 fun6 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Most women would be terfs to them because most women know sex differences exist

[–]Cass 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Maybe those subs should move to saidit like GC did.

[–]AdultFemaleHuman 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

You’re absolutely right.

[–]Marsupial 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Yeah, this is one reason I'm not leaving Reddit. I'm not going to let them silence rad fem voices. They think the opinions are going to go away just because they shut down subs? Plenty of actual women remaining who see this crap for what it is. I can push my opinion without attaching it to the GC label.

[–]angrybirdofparadise 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

So say we all.

[–]luvmyvulvaxoxo 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

I've started lurking in /Feminism since GC got banned (I'm shadowbanned from feminism lol) and I've noticed there's a lot of anti-BDSM posts there. Of course there's a kinkmeisha in the comments talking about how empowered she is. But still. They're slightly upvoted! Does anyone know if your votes matter when you're shadowbanned?